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2050 Freight Industry Level Forecasts

    Conditions in the goods movement industry have changed over the last several years. The 2050 Freight Industry Level Forecasts Study will develop updated information on current and projected freight demand through 2050 for use in the freight planning activities of the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA). This effort builds on two previous NJTPA freight planning studies: the 2040 Freight Industry Level Forecasts Study (completed in 2012) and the Regional Freight Commodity Profiles Study (completed in 2015).
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    This study will help identify locations with concentrations of goods movement activity and where they will occur in the future; the types of commodities that are and will be moving through the region; and where strategic investments should be considered to support economic growth and enhance regional resiliency. The results of this work will serve as background for the NJTPA's next long-range regional transportation plan as well as freight planning and subregional planning studies.

    Key project tasks:
    • Update and enhance the NJTPA Freight Forecasting Tool.
    • Disaggregate the U.S. DOT's Freight Analysis Framework (FAF) data.
    • Develop and implement an approach to estimate e-commerce delivery trips.
    • Acquire and analyze freight, economic, business, and demographic data.
    • Conduct industry outreach.
    • Develop subregional and commodity freight profiles for the NJTPA region.

    The NJTPA has contracted with Cambridge Systematics, Inc. with WSP, Inc., and Cheng Solutions LLC to complete this project.

    For further information on this project, contact Jakub Rowinski, NJTPA Project Manager at [email protected].