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Subregional Studies Program

The Subregional Studies Program provides two-year grants on a competitive annual basis to the 13 counties and two cities represented on the NJTPA Board.

The program is designed to help NJTPA Subregions develop recommendations for transportation improvements consistent with the NJTPA’s long range transportation plan and the goals of the Together North Jersey’s Regional Plan. Ultimately, the program aims to generate project concepts ready for further development or implementation consistent with regional planning goals.

Active Studies

  • City of Jersey City Parking Management Plan
    The goal of this study is to optimize the use of current parking supply and identify parking management strategies to inform zoning and policy regulations for future development. 
  • Hudson County Ferry Service Expansion Assessment
    This study will examine opportunities to expand existing ferry service or to create new ferry service within Hudson County. The study will explore market feasibility for intracounty, inter-county, and inter-state ferry service to serve five general areas of Hudson County: Kearny Point, the Bayfront Redevelopment Area of Jersey City, Bayonne’s Hackensack River waterfront, south Harrison, and West New York.
  • Monmouth County Tourism and Event Travel Demand Management Study
    This project will address congestion in Monmouth County related to large events and tourism through the application of Travel Demand Management (TDM) policies and practices at five to seven specific locations that will be determined through a data driven screening process. The main goal of the study is to generate a set of actionable recommendations for these locations, and to note where recommendations are replicable elsewhere within Monmouth County.
  • Paterson - Newark Transit Market Study
    The goal of the study is to produce a market study that identifies potential ridership, capacity, routing, stations, bus vehicle access points, and layover areas for a dedicated Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line along the Newark Industrial Track Right of Way (ROW) between Passaic and Essex Counties from the Cities of Paterson and Clifton to the north and ending in the vicinity of the Broad Street Station of the Newark Light Rail.
  • Somerset County Roadway Corridor Safety Analysis Study
    This study will identify opportunities to improve safety along five Somerset County roadway corridors. The County will advance a series of corridor wide road safety audits following the Road Safety Audit (RSA) process that will include different place types and address safety for all users.
  • Union County Truck Mobility Study
    The purpose of this project is to identify barriers to efficient and safe regional freight movement on truck routes on county roads and to recommend potential strategies to address those barriers, while balancing the needs of all users of the roadway.
  • Warren County Transportation Plan
    The County of Warren is seeking consultant services to develop an update to the Transportation Plan. The Plan will update the data contained in the current Transportation Plan that was adopted in 1982 such as functional classification, road right of way and pavement widths, posted speed limits, weight and height restrictions, truck routes etc., on the County and State highway system and will use the findings and recommendations of the update to the 2004 Transportation Technical Study that was completed in June 2018 and funded by the NJTPA Subregional Studies Program. When completed, it is anticip

Completed/Archived Studies