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Freight Planning

The information on this page is provided for reference purposes only. It may be out-of-date or may have been superseded by other planning work conducted by the NJTPA or its subregions. Please contact the NJTPA for any questions regarding use of archived information.

Cross-Harbor Freight Tunnel Comments: The following are NJTPA Staff Comments submitted Sept. 28, 2004, on the Cross Harbor Freight Movement Study Draft EIS which calls for a freight tunnel to be built between Brooklyn and Jersey City. Investigation of the Cross-Harbor Freight Tunnel initiative has been renewed in 2007 with funding from a federal earmark (pdf files):


Rail Merger Report: A final report on the effects of the 1998 Conrail, CSX, Norfolk Southern (NS) railroad merger on North Jersey rail services has been released. The  report was submitted to the US Surface Transportation Board in June 2004.


Brownfields Planning: The NJTPA and NJIT  in January 2003 concluded a study designed to help the State of New Jersey harness growing international trade and redevelop abandoned and underutilized industrial sites in and around the port of northern New Jersey. The groundbreaking study provided the foundation for subsequent "Portfield" initiatives in New Jersey and elsewhere in the country. 

The files are made available for historical reference. Some information may be outdated since the study concluded in 2003.