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Fix needed Date submitted status
Need role to restrict editors to certain content 11-21-19  
Need CMS page type for adding subregional RFP's to 11-21-19  
error when I try to go to January 2020 on the calendar.  Also 2020 also does not appear on the drop down 11-11-19 fixed
Fix blog archive 10-29 fixed
The items on the Related Documents sidebars, such as on this page  ,  run together and are hard to distinguish as separate items.  Can you add space between items, or add bullets or something? Thanks 9-16-19 done
Provide a field to specify titles for external links on the calendar 9-13-15 done
Increase the size and add color to Accept button on 9-12-19  
change the size of the homepage slider photo to 1600 x 474 px from the current 1600 x 414 px.  9-9-19  
Calendar - Added Time Field, Make the Internal and External Links displayable links on the Event detail page when there is a link present. NOTE: The Date/Time field should be used just as a data moving ahead.  Please the time in the time field.  If no time, it will not show up.  You should switch all times to the time field.  Once this is done, We can turn off the Time display for the date. 9-6-2019 Done
On change links to xml "Modal Files" so that the files are downloaded rather than opening up in a browser 8-29-19 Not msure there is a way around this.  Your instruction works fine.
we need a gateway where user click a button (or something) to accept the data restrictions described on the page before they can get to the links at the bottom of the page.  The button could say "Accept and Access Data/User Manual"
8-29-19 This will be done on Monday
Calendar search on mobile (and desktop when completed) should include options for choosing 2016-2018 8/23/19 Done
Subregion page is broken.  It's showing contents of the individual subregion pages in shaded box.  8/20/19 done
Need logins for 8/20/19 done
Middlesex misspelled on "All counties" drop down menu on completed studies search on 8/20/19 done
Change mobile calendar search  execute button from "filter" to "go" or an arrow or something else 8/15/19 done
Add calendar search for past months/years to desktop version 7/15/19 Working on this

When you click on a blog article on the homepage, it takes you to a page of that article only.  It would be desirable to have it take you to an anchor on the blog page. That way people could browse through other blog entries. 

7/24/19 done

It would be good to have an automated way to add links to outside videos/reports in the events/calendar form.  The videos don’t need to be embedded, just a hyperlink to them. Fields should be provided for a name and the URL.

7/24/19 Need more info

I got a couple comments about the breadcrumbs taking you to unexpected pages.  This is the result of the navigation headings taking you to first child pages.  Is there a workaround for making those headings non-clickable in the breadcrumbs? Perhaps this is something to look into at some point.

7/24/19 Can you provide concrete examples