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Freight Rail Industrial Opportunity (FRIO) Corridors Program

    freight trainThe North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA) created the Freight Rail Industrial Opportunity (FRIO) Corridors Program to foster collaboration among public and private entities to address barriers to freight access to industrial properties.

    Industry and modern freight movement rely on heavier and taller rail cars. The legacy rail lines serving New Jersey’s industrial areas cannot handle many modern rail freight cars, placing industries and sites along these lines at a competitive disadvantage. FRIO addresses this situation.

    Two databases were developed to advance decision-making and investments:

    • Industrial opportunity database: Identifies potential properties along the affected rail lines that could benefit through improved access

    • Restriction location database: Inventory of physical restrictions on the rail lines

    njtpa frio logoNJTPA completed the preliminary industrial opportunity database and contracted with HDR Inc. to collect data on possible height, width and weight restrictions along the identified rail corridors in northern and central New Jersey. Restrictions can include bridges, catenary clearances, culverts and other physical elements on the rights of way. The NJTPA/HDR team worked with counties, industrial organizations and the railroads to refine the industrial opportunity database.

    FRIO provides an important roadmap in planning and funding improvements to enhance freight rail transportation and further economic development opportunities in the region.

    For further information on FRIO, please contact Anne Strauss-Wieder at [email protected]