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FY 2022 Planning for Emerging Centers Solicitation

The NJTPA is soliciting proposals for its Planning for Emerging Centers Program. This program provides technical assistance to a municipality or groups of municipalities, on a competitive basis, for planning studies that advance sustainable transportation and land use planning as well as to develop collaborative and comprehensive approaches to strategic planning at the local level. These studies will involve extensive participation from stakeholders and the public as well as coordination with implementation agencies at the municipal, regional, and state level.  Recommendations produced from these studies shall be consistent with Plan 2050: Transportation. People. Opportunity., and advance the actions identified in the Together North Jersey Regional Plan (TNJ Plan).

The full solicitation details the application process and program guidelines for submitting a proposal. 

Eligible Entities 
Municipalities in the NJTPA’s 13-county region are eligible to apply.  Eligible municipalities must provide a letter of support from their member county (see appendix A of the solicitation). The City of Newark and the City of Jersey City are directly eligible as members of the NJTPA and do not need to provide county letters of support.
Eligible Planning Activities
Eligible activities under this program include the following:

  • Integrated Land Use/Mobility Plans
  • Transit Area and Transit Supportive Planning
  • Complete Streets Policy Implementation Plans

Additional Information
A virtual informational session to review the solicitation and submission requirements was help April 6. The presentation and Question & Answer Document are included below. 

Question & Answer Document

The deadline to submit questions was April 13. Late inquiries may not be reviewed or considered.