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Plan 2050 Virtual Public Meeting

NJTPA Long Range Transportation Plan logo. Plan 2050: Transportation, People, OpportunityShare YOUR vision for North Jersey’s transportation future! Plan 2050 is about transportation, people, and opportunity: it’s a long-range transportation plan with a 30-year vision for the 13-county region. Join the Plan 2050 team for a virtual public meeting to learn more about the plan and tell us what works (and what doesn’t!) in the transportation system you use every day. Share your thoughts on emerging technologies and how you see yourself getting around in the future. Or, tell us about the changes you’ve seen and what you think transportation should look like for the next 30 years. Plan 2050 recommends transportation policies, envisions new programs, and anticipates the long-term transportation investments that will affect everyone in North Jersey, so your input is critical. 

Note: This is one of five identical events being offered at different times to accomodate as many participants as possible.


10/7/2020 8:00:00 AM

8 a.m.

Event location: