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Virtual Public Meeting

The NJTPA is seeking public comments on three of its core planning documents: Plan 2050: Transportation, People, Opportunity, the long range transportation plan (LRTP); the Fiscal Year 2022-2025 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP); and the Air Quality Conformity determination for both the LRTP and the TIP. The comment period runs through August 4, 2021. Comments may be submitted to the NJTPA via email, [email protected] or by calling (862) 800-7457 and leaving a voicemail.  In addition, there will be a virtual public meeting to provide the public with an opportunity to learn more about the documents and submit comments.


Virtual Public Meeting 

When: Tuesday, July 27 

Time: 4 to 7 p.m.

Register: https://bit.ly/2050PublicMeeting

The public is invited to attend any time during the three-hour event. There will be presentations on each of the documents and an overview of feedback gathered during public outreach for Plan 2050.

Links to all of the documents are included below.
Plan 2050 is the federally mandated LRTP for the NJTPA’s 13 county region. It maintains the region’s eligibility for federal transportation funding, sets out a vision for the development of the transportation system over the next 25 to 30 years and serves as an investment guide for the region. It is updated every four years.

The TIP is the four-year, fiscally constrained agenda of transportation improvement projects drawn from the LRTP. To be eligible for federal funds, proposed projects must be approved by the NJTPA Board for inclusion in the TIP, which is updated every two years.

The Air Quality Conformity Determination is a federally required analysis of the LRTP and TIP used to demonstrate the funded projects, taken together, meet the standards set forth in New Jersey’s State Implementation Plan.

Also available is the New Jersey Department of Transportation’s Fiscal Year 2022-2031 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). This document incorporates the projects and programs included in the TIPs for the state’s three Metropolitan Planning Organizations, the NJTPA, the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission and the South Jersey Transportation Planning Organization. 

Hard copies of the documents (at the links above) are available at select New Jersey Library Network Libraries. If there are any questions, please contact Ted Ritter at (973) 639-8447 or [email protected]
You can submit comments to [email protected] or call (862) 800-7457 (English) or (862) 800-7239 (Español) to leave a voicemail.

We also encourage you to visit the NJTPA Update Blog for additional information.

7/27/2021 4:00:00 PM

4:00 - 7:00 PM

Event location: