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NJ TransAction Conference 2022

NJ TransAction Conference 2022

Conference & Exhibit Hall

​April 26, 27, 28, 2022 (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday)

Tropicana, Atlantic City, NJ

"Bigger, Better and Safer in 2022"


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Wednesday sessions featuring the NJTPA

9:15 a.m. to 10:45 a.m.

Demonstration Projects: Seeing is Believing – Doing Is Achieving
Temporary demonstration projects are a community’s opportunity to “try before you buy”. They are the low risk, low cost, short term end of the pop up to permanent spectrum. Concerns, resistance, and inertia can be mitigated by neutrally testing an idea or design to see what works or tweaking what doesn’t. This session will discuss the benefits of demonstration projects, how to approach them, and review case studies in NJ.
Co-Moderator: Ranjit Walia, Founder/CEO, CivicEye Collaborative
Co-Moderator: Laura Torchio, AICP, Technical Advisor & Director of Placemaking, NV5
Speaker: Lisa Lee, MPA, M.Div.,LCI, Deputy Director, Bike & Pedestrian Programs, EZ Ride
Speaker: Kendra Nelson, Transportation Planner, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
Speaker: Keith Hamas, AICP, Principal Planner: Safety Planning, North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority

10:45 a.m. to 11:55 a.m.

Getting Charged Up About Electric Vehicles!
Electric Vehicle registrations are increasing in New Jersey and across the country. As EV adoption moves from the early adopter phase to mainstream, what policies and investment at the federal, state, and local level exist to make full transition a reality? This session highlights the rapidly evolving policy landscape at the national and state level.
Moderator: Bette Jane Kowalski, Union County Commissioner and NJTPA Secretary
Speaker: Pam Frank, CEO ChargEVC-New Jersey
Speaker: Blythe Eaman, Director Environmental and Sustainability Planning, NJTPA
Speaker: Andrea Friedman, Division of Air Quality, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Equitable Safety: How Equity is Woven into NJDOT’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP)
NJ's 2020 Strategic Highway Safety Plan (NJ 2020 SHSP) is a five-year plan to reduce fatalities and serious injuries on all public roads with an aspirational goal of zero deaths and serious injuries, along with an interim data-driven goal of a 3% per year reduction. Strategies described in the SHSP consider Enforcement, Education, Engineering, and Emergency response, often referred to as the 4 "Es." New Jersey places a special focus on a fifth "E" for all investments - Equity by ensuring safety investment is inclusive of the interests of the underserved and is considered deliberately.
Moderator: Zenobia Fields, Sr. Policy & Program Advisor, Planning Multimodal & Grants Administration, NJDOT
Speaker: Dan LiSanti, Manager, Safety, Bicycle & Pedestrian Programs, NJDOT
Speaker: Khalid Shaikh, Section Chief, Safety, Bicycle & Pedestrian Programs, NJDOT
Speaker: Lois Goldman, AICP, PP, Director of Long-Range Planning, NJTPA
Speaker: Krishna Murthy, President & CEO, EZ Ride

1:30 p.m. to 2:40 p.m.

10+ years of Complete Streets in NJ: Resources and Lessons Learned
In 2009, NJDOT became a national leader in Complete Streets by passing an award-winning policy. Over the past 10+ years, hundreds of engineers, planners, and others have been trained, skeptics have become advocates, and innovative projects have been funded and completed. This session will address what we’ve learned from implementation, new training opportunities, best practices in the adoption and promotion of Complete and Green Streets policies, and how to incorporate equity and resiliency into implementation. 
Moderator: James Sinclair, Project Coordinator, Voorhees Transportation Center
Speaker: Elise Bremer-Nei, AICP, PP, Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator, NJDOT
Speaker: Peter Kremer, Senior Planner, Michael Baker International
Speaker: Keith Hamas, Principal Planner, NJTPA
Speaker: Janna Chernetz, Deputy Director & Director of New Jersey Policy, Tri-State Transportation Campaign

4 p.m. to 5 p.m.

The Future of Trails & Greenways in NJ
Trails form an important part of New Jersey’s transportation network, are essential to New Jersey’s Complete Streets and recreational goals, and can help revitalize communities and improve economies. This session will highlight the future of planning and building trail and greenway networks in New Jersey, addressing statewide plans and trail mapping initiatives, the integration of trails into transit planning, the ways trails support local and regional tourism goals, and the next steps in advocacy.
Moderator: Samuel Rosenthal, Research Project Coordinator, Voorhees Transportation Center (VTC), Rutgers University
Speaker: Elise Bremer-Nei, AICP, PP, Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator, Bureau of Safety, Bicycle and Pedestrian Programs, New Jersey Department of Transportation
Speaker: Paul Gleitz, AICP, PP, Principal Park Planner, Monmouth County Park System
Speaker: Ted Ritter, Manager External Affairs, NJTPA

4/27/2022 9:00:00 AM

Event location:
Tropicana Conference Center
2831 Boardwalk
Atlantic City, NJ