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November 2018

NJTPA Board approves Public Engagement Plan

Posted: 11/21/2018 12:00:00 AM

Public outreach event for Plan 2045 in Branchbrook Park in Newark.

The NJTPA Board of Trustees 
adopted an updated Public Engagement Plan at its November 19 meeting. The plan describes the different ways the NJTPA promotes participation by all members of the public who are interested in the agency’s activities to improve regional transportation.

The plan describes the NJTPA’s goals and objectives for public engagement and also identifies specific approaches, techniques and opportunities for ongoing communication and interaction with the public.

This plan outlines several new approaches to public outreaching including the establishment of a Public Engagement Advisory Committee; the creation of a committee to get more and better participation from young adults; and a Public Outreach and Engagement Liaisons pilot program aimed at better serving under-represented populations.

This plan also includes information on:

  • Communicating with us and accessing information;
  • NJTPA Board, Committee and other public meetings;
  • The NJTPA’s public and stakeholder involvement process for major plans and programs;
  • Our commitment to serving the needs of the region’s broadly diverse population; and
  • Guidance on public participation for staff of partner agencies or consultants working on NJTPA-sponsored projects and programs.
The full plan is available at htttp://njtpa.org/PEP.