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August 2019

New Studies of Local Mobility Issues Launched

Posted: 8/2/2019 3:09:18 PM

A NY Waterway ferryFive new studies of local transportation issues are being launched this summer by NJTPA’s member agencies. 
The studies are funded through the Subregional Studies Program which provides two-year grants on a competitive annual basis to the 13 counties and two cities represented on the NJTPA Board -- known as subregions. The five new studies are:

  • Hudson County Ferry Service Expansion Assessment - will study opportunities to expand existing or create new ferry service within Hudson County.

  • Monmouth County Tourism and Event Travel Demand Management Study – will examine strategies to address traffic related to tourism and large events within the County.

  • Somerset County Roadway Corridor Safety Analysis Study – will identify five roadway corridors to conduct Road Safety Audits.

  • Union County Truck Mobility Study – will examine truck mobility on county roads throughout the county.

  • Warren County Transportation Plan – will develop a County-wide transportation plan. 

The study program is designed to help subregions develop recommendations for transportation improvements consistent with the NJTPA’s long range transportation plan and the goals of the Together North Jersey’s Regional Plan.

Ultimately, the program aims to generate recommendations ready for further development or implementation consistent with regional planning goals.
Further information on the program and studies underway or recently completed is on the subregional studies page of the NJTPA website.