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New Tool Helps Communities Address Goods Movement Needs

NJTPA Goods Movement Strategies for Communities LogoThe NJTPA has developed a web tool to help communities address issues involving goods movement by trucks. The NJTPA region relies on vehicles of all sizes to deliver goods to our many communities, whether that’s large trucks delivering food to local grocery stores or smaller delivery vans bringing packages directly to residents' homes.

About 508 million tons of goods move through the NJTPA’s 13-county region, predominately by truck, each year.

The Goods Movement Strategies for Communities tool was designed by NJTPA staff to help communities that have identified issues related to trucks find strategies that address their concerns. The database includes strategies on last mile delivery parking management; parking and rest stop management; traffic management and access control; freight demand management; road infrastructure improvement; modal optimization; land use and zoning; freight facility consolidation centers; environmental concerns; and safety improvements.

The tool is designed to help foster conversation about goods movement. Users can include local officials, developers, transportation providers and property owners.

In the future, the NJTPA hopes to expand the tool to include strategies for rail freight.

To learn more about the tool visit https://goodsmovement.njtpa.org.
[June 18, 2019]

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