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UpNext Young Adult Advisory Committee Explores Paterson

Passaic County Freeholder John Bartlett who serves as NJTPA First Vice-ChairJohn Bartlett, NJTPA First Vice Chair and Passaic County Freeholder.
The NJTPA’s pilot advisory committee for young adults, UpNext North Jersey, is off to a strong start.  After holding kickoff meetings at the NJTPA and in New Brunswick last fall, UpNext held its first subregion-based event at the Paterson Museum and the Great Falls in Passaic County on Jan. 25, 2010.
UpNext North Jersey was created to engage civic-minded young adults in the region’s transportation planning process. This new group was established in the Public Engagement Plan adopted by the NJTPA Board in 2018; it’s open to residents of the NJTPA region who are between 18 and 30 years old and has about two-dozen members.
Passaic County Freeholder John Bartlett who serves as NJTPA First Vice-Chair  welcomed the group.  He noted that many transportation projects take years to plan and build and NJTPA’s current long range plan looks out to 2045.  “You will still be working in 2045,” he said, “so the kind of advance notice, if you will, that we get from having your voices in the room and participating in the dialog is incredibly important.”  Video of Bartlett's remarks are here.
The group learned about two NJTPA-funded studies underway, the Main Avenue Local Concept Development Study in the City of Passaic and the Paterson-Newark Transit Market Study. Members living and working in the area were encouraged to provide feedback for those studies. The group also provided general input on their transit use and technology and infrastructure improvements they’d like to see made in the future. This feedback will help inform the next long-range transportation plan.
Future events are planned for Asbury Park in March and Raritan Borough in early summer.  More information about UpNext North Jersey is available at www.njtpa.org/UpNext
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