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Commissioner Bartlett Highlights Priorities for Term as NJTPA Chair

Passaic County Commissioner John BartlettPassaic County Commissioner John W. Bartlett told fellow Board members that as NJTPA Chair, one of his top priorities will be working with them to seek grant funding available under the new federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.
“As members of this Board, we can make sure these funds are used responsibly and equitably to address critical transportation needs,” he said at the March 14 Board of Trustees meeting.
The Board elected a new Executive Committee, including naming Commissioner Bartlett Chair, at its January meeting.
Chairman Bartlett noted that the NJTPA is available as a resource to local governments applying for competitive federal grants and can help with data, coordinating regional projects and writing letters of support. He added that tying local projects to larger regional needs, like those identified in Plan 2050, the NJTPA’s Long Range Transportation Plan, will help strengthen applications.
“Plan 2050 emphasizes how transportation connects people to opportunity,” he said. “Transportation does more than get people from one place to another. It creates economic opportunity by helping our region attract and retain employers. It moves goods in and around our region and our state. New technologies, like alternate fuels, and greener building practices, also help create a healthier environment.”
He added that investments should focus on ensuring the transportation network is safe for travelers of all ages and abilities.
Another area Chairman Bartlett plans to focus on is raising the profile of the NJTPA to ensure the public is aware of its work and encouraged to get involved.
“The NJTPA has been a leader on public engagement, and I hope we can continue to build on these efforts,” he said. “This includes better explaining our role and our work to residents, but also engaging them in NJTPA projects and programs.”

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