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Belleville's colorful curb extensions highlight opportunities of NJTPA's new Demo Library

belleville street paintingCrosswalks near a Belleville middle school are getting colorful curb extensions, painted by students and designed by a local artist, to help increase pedestrian safety and calm traffic.  The upgrades are part of a demonstration project supported by NJTPA’s Complete Streets Technical Assistance program. Other communities can now undertake similar demonstration projects, drawing upon materials available through a new NJTPA Complete Streets Demonstration Library.
Belleville Township requested assistance from NJTPA with installing a temporary demonstration project at the intersection of Holmes and High Streets, adjacent to Belleville Middle School, both to improve travel safety and add art to the community.
The design includes painted curb extensions flanked by flexible posts and an art mural inside the intersection. The Township invited Belleville High School art club students to help paint it and then installed the delineator posts.
If successful, the Township will use the project to inspire similar installations elsewhere in the city.  A survey at go.rutgers.edu/belleville asks residents for their thoughts on the upgrades.
Recognizing the value of similar projects, the NJTPA has established a Complete Streets Demonstration Library to allow communities to borrow needed materials for their own demonstrations. Since these temporary interventions take place within the street, they require demarcation with paint, signage, movable bollards, movable curbs, and other traffic control devices, all of which are available to borrow though this program.
The demonstration projects take a Complete Streets approach to creating safer, more livable streets for all road users. Questions and referrals should be sent to [email protected].  

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