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NJTPA Returning to In-Person Board Meetings in March

The NJTPA’s Board of Trustees is transitioning back to in-person meetings, beginning with the March 2023 meeting.

“In-person meetings provide more opportunities for Board members and staff to collaborate and share ideas, and they allow us to interact with members of the public, who come to speak about the items we are voting on and other matters,” Chair John Bartlett, a Passaic County Commissioner, said at Monday’s meeting.

This will be the first in-person meeting since the Board moved to a virtual format during the pandemic in March 2020.

Chair Bartlett noted that the decision to return to in-person meetings was made after polling members of the Board.

“While there were mixed responses on whether we should continue with virtual or in-person Board meetings, there was consensus that there is value in meeting face-to-face,” he said.

Committee meetings will continue to be held virtually, based on the poll results.

Chair Bartlett noted that if there is inclement weather or a public health reason, the Board could shift to a virtual meeting.

Board meetings will continue to be livestreamed on the NJTPA’s website and YouTube channel.
Board and committee meetings are open to the public. For additional information on how the public can participate visit https://njtpa.org/publiccomment.

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