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Regional Performance Measures

Scorecard of Regional Performance Measures Click image for a PDF of the RPM Scorecard

The NJTPA has developed a set of regional performance measures (RPM) that address important goals and issues for Northern New Jersey. These measures complement the array of national measures and targets that the NJTPA uses in coordination with the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) and other partners.

The regional performance measures broaden what is described by the national measures, to foster a more complete picture of the performance of the region's transportation system, and to help support investment decision making. These supplemental performance measures can help to:
  • measure progress toward the goals and objectives of the Long Range Transportation Plan,
  • support investment decision making, and
  • communicate with regional stakeholders and the public.
Image of Performance Measures dashboard initial page Click image to launch the interactive RPM dashboard
The regional performance measures have been grouped into eight topic areas. Two additional topic areas include measures that are not as directly linked to transportation. Fact sheets on each topic area are available in the links to the right/below. In addition, modal summaries highlight performance measures specific to roadways and public transit.