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Plan 2045

Plan 2045 publication cover

Under federal law, Metropolitan Planning Organizations like the NJTPA are required to update their long range plans every four years as a condition for the receipt of federal transportation funding. This reflects the need for transportation investments to be based on a comprehensive assessment of long-term needs, rather than piecemeal responses to current problems. The NJTPA Board of Trustees approved Plan 2045 and related documents at its November 13, 2017 meeting, and they are available download on this page..

On July 6, 2021.  the NJTPA released draft of an updated plan for public comment: Plan 2050, Transportation. People. Opportunity. -- get the latest news and offer input.   It is scheduled for adoption in September 2021.

housing developmentPreparation of Plan 2045 and Public Outreach

The NJTPA conducted extensive public outreach, including information booths at events around the region and an online survey, during 2016-2017 to gather input for development of Plan 2045. Issues discussed at a Plan 2045 symposium in fall 2016 are highlighted in this video. Further details are provided in Chapter 2 of the draft plan and in the Public Outreach appendix to the plan.

In addition, a formal public comment period was conducted in fall 2017 incloding an open-house style public meeting. The results are highlighted in the Summary of Public Comments Received and Responses. Further information is available on request at [email protected]