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Freehold Transit Village Initiative

In pursuit of NJDOT Transit Village Designation, the Borough of Freehold wanted to build on its Freehold Center Core Revitalization Plan (2008) to explore the creation of a Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) zoning district around the Freehold Center Bus Station. The resulting Freehold Downtown Vision Plan outlines a comprehensive redevelopment plan for the Transit Gateway Area and the Courthouse Square Area. A “toolkit” section provides guidance on pursuing redevelopment that incorporates TOD strategies, economic and environmental sustainability, improved safety and mobility, parking management, creative place making, and redevelopment methods and opportunities. The recommendations for site design, architecture and parking guidelines not only align with Transit Village Designation Criteria, but also present the most viable pathways for redeveloping the downtown in accordance with the local officials and public visioning.

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downtown freeholdPlanning for Emerging Centers Program Overview:
The Planning for Emerging Centers Program, managed by the NJTPA, provides technical assistance to municipalities for the development of local policies, regulations and planning activities that promote transit-supportive and pedestrian-oriented development and redevelopment. The goal of the program is to advance local sustainable transportation and land use planning that benefits the region’s economy, environment, and quality of life.
njtransit terminalLocal studies supported under the program will involve robust participation from stakeholders and the public, as well as implementing agencies at the municipal, regional, and state level (such as the NJ Department of Transportation, NJ TRANSIT, Transportation Management Associations, and counties). Recommendations produced from these studies shall be consistent with the NJTPA Regional Transportation Plan (RTP)  and advance actions identified by the Together North Jersey (TNJ) Plan.

The Planning for Emerging Centers Program will address increased demand for diverse, mixed‐use development that supports transit, bicycling and walking as well as implement the strategies and actions developed through the TNJ planning process. The NJTPA Planning for Emerging Centers Program works cooperatively with and advances the goals of the Transit Friendly Program administered by NJ TRANSIT and the NJDOT Transit Village Program

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