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Freight Rail Grade Crossing Assessment Update

    The NJTPA completed the Freight Rail Grade Crossing Assessment Study in 2008 to address the impacts of increased freight rail traffic along the region’s major freight rail lines including the Chemical Coast Secondary (currently known as the Garden State Secondary), the Port Reading Secondary, the West Trenton Line, the Lehigh Line and the River Line. This traffic creates increased delays at grade crossings and raises issues of safety and quality of life in those communities where these crossings are located. The study systematically assessed these impacts and identified potential remedies to improve traffic flow and increase safety at critical locations along major freight rail lines.

    The conditions on the ground have changed since the completion of the original study. Freight rail traffic continues to increase in the number and length of daily trains. Additionally, many of the grade crossings evaluated during the previous study have undergone significant improvement. The purpose of this consultant activity is to update the original study to document the current conditions and operations at grade crossings along the major freight rail lines in the NJTPA region, to score and prioritize the grade crossings in terms of need and to develop recommendations for addressing issues at the top 10 grade crossings. The study is scheduled for completion by June 2023.

    For further information on this project, please contact Jakub Rowinski, NJTPA Project Manager at [email protected].