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Truck Parking Study

    Parked Trucks

    Truck parking shortages are local, regional and national safety concerns. NJTPA has identified four types of parking considerations: (1) Federal hours of service (HOS) rest requirements, (2) staging for freight facilities, (3) emergency truck parking, and (4) secure locations where drivers can park their tractors when off-duty. NJTPA continues to identify and assess effective practices to address each of these concerns. The database on HOS related parking facilities is routinely updated in coordination with NJDOT and the MAP Forum members. The current HOS database can be found in the Freight Activity Locator. NJTPA also continues to hold meetings and webinars on the subject to advance collaborative solutions.

    The ongoing work undertaken by NJTPA Freight Staff, in collaboration with our partner agencies, on truck parking includes:

    • Augmenting and updating the truck parking capacity work completed by NJTPA in 2018 and available under the Truck Parking Tab on the NJTPA Freight Activity Locator.
    • Articulating the key contextual issues and industry trends that could affect the demand for and supply of truck parking.
    • Identifying effective practices and solutions that could be applied in the NJTPA region to address truck parking issues.
    • Involving trucking and parking facility associations and operators to solicit their input on current utilization, issues and considerations, and anticipated future needs.
    • Involving NJTPA’s subregions to understand their questions, issues, concerns and ideas related to truck parking.
    • Holding meetings and webinars to advance discussions on truck parking effective practices and solutions.


    truck stopNorth Jersey Truck Rest Stop Study Refinement (Completed in January 2010)

    The purpose of the continuation of the original NJTPA Truck Rest Stop Study was to augment the intital findings, and make further recommendations with regard to providing additional parking capacity in the region, especially in those corridors with the greatest need.  Continued coordination with our public and private partners (NJDOT, NYMTC, NJTA, NYSDOT, DVRPC, PennDOT, PA Turnpike Commission, Lehigh Valley Planning Commission, ConnDOT) was a key component of this study effort.

    NJTPA Truck Rest Stop Study Refinement Report

    North Jersey Truck Rest Stop Study (Completed in January 2008)

    The initial North Jersey Truck Rest Stop Study assessed the availability and adequacy of truck rest/service stops throughout the thirteen county NJTPA region. The study identified either new candidate sites or existing sites which can be expanded. Extensive stakeholder education and a public outreach program were undertaken as a part of this effort.

    NJTPA Truck Rest Stop Study Phase I Report

    Trii-State Regional Truck Rest Stop Initiatives (Completed)

    The NJTPA North Jersey Truck Rest Stop Study was coordinated with other truck stop studies being conducted by the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC) and the Connecticut Department of Transportation. A final tri-state regional summary was prepared as part of the NYMTC study.

    NYMTC Multi-State Truck Rest Stop Inventory and Assessment Study