Active Studies

PRIME 2.0 Upgrade

    Since 2017, PRIME has been available to NJTPA and partner agency staff as a repository for findings from planning studies conducted in the NJTPA region. Featuring dozens of studies and hundreds of location-specific needs and recommendations (and continuing to grow), PRIME has supported reviews of problem statements and project development.

    The NJTPA PRIME 2.0 Upgrade is making the application more functionally robust and user-friendly. Key improvements include simplified data entry, streamlined user and administration interfaces, more powerful search and reporting features, and an updated programming platform to provide improved system performance.
    Milestones to Date:
    Jan 2022 - Project Kick-Off
    Mar 2022 - Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Formed
    Apr 2022 - System Platform Technology Selected 
    May 2022 - System Upgrade Plan Defined
    Jun 2022 - Application Development Begins
    July 2022 - TAC Meeting 1: Proposed System Enhancements 
    Nov 2022 - TAC Meeting 2: Application Progress Demonstration
    July 2023 - TAC Meeting 3: Upgraded PRIME Application Presentation
    Dec 2023 - TAC Meeting 4: Completed Application/Training
    Next Steps:
    User and System Design Documentation
    Testing and Deployment
    Technical Support

    For more information, contact Jeffrey Vernick at [email protected]