Jersey City Bus Study

    The Jersey City Bus Study, completed in November, 2009, evaluated current and future service needs in this growing and public transportation-dependent city. As part of the study, launched in the fall of 2008, public input and various data were analyzed to determine recommendations for bus services and capital improvements that will meet riders’ long-term needs.

    An estimated 60,000 to 100,000 of Jersey City’s 250,000 residents use public transportation each day, particularly the extensive local bus network. Approximately 40 percent of city residents don’t have access to a personal vehicle and nine percent are senior citizens, many of whom rely heavily on local bus service. Despite this high demand, privately-operated bus services have been on the decline as of late. Private bus companies recently canceled several long-operating routes in Jersey City, and others are at risk of being discontinued.

    The study provides an in-depth assessment of NJ TRANSIT and private bus operations in Jersey City, gauges the dimensions of service shortages and unmet need. Numerous improvement opportunities were identified to better meet the needs of riders.

    The NJTPA is sponsoring the study along with NJ TRANSIT, Jersey City and Hudson County. A series of open house events were held in Jersey City to gather public feedback for the study.

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