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NJTPA Regional Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Plan

    In 2013, the NJTPA prepared a Regional GHG Mitigation Plan, which included an updated on-road transportation GHG emissions inventory and forecast (I&F) and proposed various strategies to reduce GHG emissions from transportation. The strategies were analyzed for their effectiveness, timespan, and cost. They were bundled into four main categories: Enhanced Vehicle Technology and Fuels, Expanded VMT Reduction/Mode Shift Strategies, Improved System Efficiency and a Comprehensive Regional GHG Mitigation Plan. Analysis was done about the impacts of the different bundles, place types and overall emissions. The plan shows that if Plan 2035 and the federal fuel economy standards at the time were implemented, emissions would decrease 34 percent from 2006 levels (22.38 million metric tons) by 2050, but if the strategies recommended in the plan were implemented, emissions could be reduced by 68 percent.