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NJTPA Regional Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Plan

    NJTPA is addressing the challenges of climate change through a series of research activities
    providing the analytic foundation for sound, effective policies to mitigate the transportation
    sector’s role in climate change and prepare the transportation system for potential climate
    change impacts. The outcomes of these research activities are designed to support the
    diverse planning, development, and infrastructure needs of NJTPA’s member jurisdictions.

    In 2006, on-road transportation accounted for 25 percent of all GHG emissions in the NJTPA
    region. This share is projected to increase relative to other sectors without significant and
    sustainable improvements in vehicle and fuel efficiency, as well as strategies to reduce
    growth in vehicle miles traveled and improve the operational efficiency of the
    transportation system. Recognizing this, NJTPA led an analysis of the effectiveness of
    transportation strategy options that would reduce on-road GHG emissions. The results of
    this analysis are presented in this NJTPA Regional Greenhouse Gas Emissions Mitigation
    Plan (the Plan).