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City of Jersey City Parking Management Plan

    The goal of this study is to optimize the use of current parking supply and identify parking management strategies to inform zoning and policy regulations for future development. The primary objective of this study is to create a citywide parking inventory to assess current parking supply (surplus or deficit) and demand (met or latent). The parking inventory will catalog the existing supply of on and off-street, public and private parking (and categorized whether constructed, under construction, approved, or proposed)
    along with characteristics such as occupancy rate, pricing, and use restrictions based on the latest development information. The inventory will also assess current residential parking zone objectives and regulations and offer recommendations for improvement. This study will align with the goals in the Circulation Element of the City’s Master Plan to limit land dedicated to parking uses near transit stations and to encourage the use of public transit and active modes of transportation throughout the City. The study will also
    consider impacts of ride-sharing, ride-hailing, and autonomous vehicles on the City’s transportation network.

    The city has created a webpage with additional information about this study: