Completed Studies


Active Studies

  • Somerset County Master Plan Circulation Element
    The County will develop a circulation element that is consistent with and advances recommendations from previous plans, with a focus on improving linkages to employment, implementing transportation solutions that reduce reliance on fossil fuels and their negative impacts on climate change, green infrastructure, and EV readiness plan.  
  • Essex County Transportation Plan - 2045
    This study will create an updated transportation plan for the County that will consider the comprehensive needs of all the County’s transportation system users including motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists and transit users while addressing emerging issues such as economic recovery, social equity and post-COVID-19 needs. 
  • Hudson County Truck Routes Assessment
    The study will assess the effects of trucking on the Hudson County communities, emphasizing environmental justice populations, identifying best practices for roadway design, exploring new technologies for truck transportation, and developing policy recommendations to reduce any negative impacts. 
  • Jersey City Traffic Calming Tool Kit
    The study will update Jersey City's traffic calming measures, which have not been revised since the Jersey City's Master Plan Circulation Element Amendment was adopted in 2011. The primary objective is to update and incorporate traffic calming principles that further the city's Vision Zero Action Plan and provide specific design interventions for increased pedestrian, cyclist, motorist, and transit rider safety. 
  • Monmouth County Identification of Barriers to Mobility in Monmouth County
    The study seeks to identify and develop measures to mitigate barriers to mobility of all types including but not limited to improving public awareness of travel options, infrastructure improvements, and policy changes within Monmouth County.  The study will provide guidance and countermeasures for local jurisdictions that reduce, overcome and/or prevent barriers to mobility.
  • Newark Bike Plan
    The study will expand and connect the City of Newark’s bike network and establish a vision for a safe and convenient citywide bike system for all riders regardless of ability.  The citywide bicycle network will contribute towards providing residents and visitors with a viable alternative to motor vehicle travel throughout the city while reducing congestion, improving air quality, affording greater personal health, and increasing multi-modal mobility.   
  • Passaic County Strategic Infrastructure Investment Study
    The study will develop strategic priorities surrounding existing and proposed transportation infrastructure to create more economically competitive, equitable, and sustainable communities.  Accordingly, the study will identify “Priority Investment Areas” within the County that may benefit economically from transportation infrastructure improvements.  The Priority Investment Areas will maximize economic development, equity, and sustainability by supporting the County’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) from a transportation perspective.    
  • Southern Middlesex County Freight Movement Study
    This comprehensive freight related study will identify travel needs and impacts due to freight movements in the southern area of Middlesex County. Recommendations will include improvements to existing facilities and routing, addressing congestion, safety, multi-modal mobility, accessibility, traffic operations, and impacts of regional traffic on local communities.  
  • Union County Electric Vehicles Infrastructure Study
    The County of Union is seeking consultant support to identify new potential locations where electric vehicle charging infrastructure might be prioritized. The study will identify existing Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) infrastructure and develop criteria to determine optimal locations for new EVSEs. The study goal is to expand the County’s EVSE network, resulting in better air quality and improved community health by reducing emissions from gasoline powered engine vehicles.

Completed/Archived Studies