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Local Preliminary Engineering

Local Preliminary Engineering (LPE) is the second phase of work for the Local Capital Project Delivery Program. The LPE Phase formally begins when the Interagency Review Committee (IRC) approves and advances the Local Concept Development (LCD) Study to the LPE Phase, and a consultant is selected through the Consultant Selection Process to perform Preliminary Engineering, Final Design, Right-of-Way Acquisition and Construction Engineering Services.

The LPE Phase involves performing engineering tasks and technical environmental studies in order to obtain formal community consensus (through a public information center) of the study. The approval of the environmental document (i.e., NEPA document) from FHWA also takes place in this phase. Based on the Preliminary Preferred Alternative (PPA), a number of activities are simultaneously set in motion: community involvement (meetings with affected property or business owners), agency consultation, environmental documentation, design level mapping and design services. To obtain the formal community consensus, a public information session will be conducted, which may lead to some minor adjustments to the PPA. Ultimately, the effected municipalities will be asked to provide a Resolution of Support endorsing the project.

The tasks conducted during this phase will be based on complexity of the PPA and will consist of, among other things:

  • development of design level base plans;

  • development of geometric design (horizontal/vertical alignment, type, size, location, etc.) sufficient to clarify environmental impacts and right-of-way impacts;

  • utility discovery and verification;

  • geotechnical studies (soil borings and analysis) for foundation and pavement design;

  • preliminary drainage work;

  • access impact evaluation; and

  • development of property acquisition cost estimates and project cost estimates.


At this time the project’s baseline budget and schedule, including the Final Design, Right-of-Way Acquisition and Construction Phases, can be prepared and the funding needed to initiate these phases secured in the TIP. The Final Design and Right-of-Way Acquisition authorizations also take place in this LPE phase.