Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

Current TIP

Download the Final FY 2024 - 2027 TIP, approved and adopted by the NJTPA Board on September 12, 2023 and is currently pending federal approval.

Roadway construction equipment Transportation Improvement Program

The FY 2022-2025 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), the four-year fiscally constrained listing of projects and programs, was approved and adopted by the NJTPA Board on September 13, 2021. It remains in effect until the FY 2024-2027 TIP obtains federal approval.

Central Staff prepared the FY 2022 Study and Development (S&D) program which consists of local, NJDOT and NJ TRANSIT projects in the Concept Development phase of work. Projects that graduate from the S&D program may proceed to further phases of work, including Preliminary Engineering and Design to enable them to be funded through the TIP. The S&D project list is included as an Appendix in the FY 2022 TIP and as Section V of the FY 2022 Unified Planning Work Program. 

The FY 2022 - 2025 TIP incorporates the performance  benchmarks in accordance with the MAP-21/FAST Act Performance-Based planning requirements. ​This action allows the NJTPA TIP to be in compliance with regulations. Note that this section has been reviewed by NJ TRANSIT and PANYNJ. Also note that the section on the highway safety performance measures has been updated to remove the specific targets, which are updated annually. This change (which still complies with regulations) will make it so that the TIP does not have to be updated whenever these targets are revised.

The FY 2022 - 2025 TIP Introduction is available here.

The Performance Measures (Appendix M) is available here.

The NJTPA Annual Listing of Obligated Projects for FY2022 can be accessed here.
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NOTIS logoThe easiest way to get information on currently funded projects and their status is through NOTIS—the NJTPA Online Transportation Information System—which allows interactive searching for projects in particular locations or on particular routes, using maps and database queries.

Detailed information about TIP projects and pending and proposed changes to TIP projects and programs is available on the FY 2022 - 2025 TIP webpage.

The TIP is the final phase in a continuous, multi-phase project development and implementation process called the "Project Pipeline." The Project Pipeline includes three fundamental phases, as follows:
Project Identification: Future projects and project needs are identified in the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), which establishes a long-range vision for improving transportation in the region. Project needs are also identified and analyzed through regional and subregional studies.

Project Development and Prioritization:  Study and Development Program (S&D) guides work to explore project needs. This often involves exploring alternative conceptual designs and routes. Proposed projects are scored and ranked during development of the S&D. When projects have passed through the S&D, they are placed in the Project Pool, which includes projects eligible for inclusion in the TIP.

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP): Projects are selected from the Project Pool for inclusion in the TIP. The TIP, which is updated every two years, is the mechanism for allocating federal funding for preliminary engineering, final design, right-of-way purchases and construction of transportation projects. The air quality impacts of the TIP are evaluated through a conformity determination.