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The Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside (TA Set-Aside) Program is funded through the Federal Highway Administration’s Federal Aid Program and is administered by the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT), in partnership with the NJTPA.

For further information click here to visit NJDOT's TA Set-Aside webpage.

The NJTPA and NJDOT Local Aid Resource Center are scheduling meetings from April 11 through September 30. Meetings are required for any entity applying for FY2023 funding. The deadline to submit applications is November 3

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For more information, register for a TA Set-Aside webinar on Thursday, July 21 at 3 p.m. or September 15 at 12 p.m. 

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three pictures, children walking on sidewalk, cycling on trail, and train
TA Set-Aside program provides federal funds for community based “non-traditional” surface transportation related projects designed to strengthen the cultural, aesthetic, and environmental aspects of the nation’s surface transportation intermodal system.
For this solicitation, eligible projects must fall into one the following 7 categories:
  1. Design and construction of on-road and off-road trail facilities for pedestrians, bicyclists, and other nonmotorized forms of transportation
  2. Conversion and use of abandoned railroad corridors for trails for pedestrians, bicyclists, and other nonmotorized transportation users
  3. Construction of scenic turnouts, overlooks, and viewing areas
  4. Historic preservation and rehabilitation of historic transportation facilities both land and water such as buildings, structures and canals
  5. Community improvement activities, specifically: Streetscaping and corridor landscaping
  6. Environmental mitigation to address stormwater management, control, and water pollution prevention or abatement related to highway construction or due to highway runoff
  7. Reduce vehicle-caused wildlife mortality or to restore and maintain connectivity among terrestrial or aquatic habitats

In addition to the traditional grant criteria, for this solicitation, consideration will be given to applications that provide additional benefits to vulnerable members of our communities, including low-income residents, minorities, those with limited English proficiency, persons with disabilities, children and older adults. Census data for these categories will be used to determine if a project meets the equity criteria. For information regarding equity, click here to visit  NJDOT’s Local Aid Resource Center website.

The online TA Set-Aside handbook provides the necessary information for completing applications and answers questions regarding eligibility and program requirements. 

For questions regarding this program, please contact:
Sascha Frimpong
Director, Local Programs and Project Development
[email protected]