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We’re developing our next long-range transportation plan for our region. Plan 2050: Transportation, People, Opportunity will recommend policies, programs, and investments that will affect everyone in northern and central New Jersey. 

Thirty years from now, our region’s youngest residents will be the ones using the transportation network. That’s why it’s important, as we gather public input for our long-range transportation plan, that we hear from children and teens, too!

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we can’t take our NJTPA On Air radio booth on the road like we did four years ago for our last long-range plan. So instead, we’re challenging children and teens to listen to our one-minute podcast and then answer this question: What do you think transportation will be like in the future, say when you are your parents’ age?

child sitting at an NJTPA On Air radio booth There will be a total of five prizes awarded — one for most creative entry in each of five age categories (see official rules for details).   Participants can create and submit videos, animations, short audio recordings, images, poems, drawings, or short essays on their vision for the future of transportation. (Feel free to use our template below for written submissions!)

To be eligible for a prize, submissions must include the name, email, and phone number of a parent or guardian.  Click here to download the consent form.

This contest closed on Friday, March 19. Thank you to everyone who submitted entries. We are reviewing all of the submissions and will announce winners in shortly.

Looking for some inspiration? Click here to view a video about our last regional transportation plan, Plan 2045: Connecting North Jersey, which features input we gathered from children and teens through our NJTPA On Air radio booth.  

Good luck — we can’t wait to see your submissions!



Contest Template

Blank Blank 2050 Drawing Contest Template

Please Consider These Safety Tips for Submissions

  • Pre-Screen: Please pre-screen any video or audio you provide to us.
  • The Golden Rule: Never post or submit anything to us – words, pictures, links, emails, blogs, comments and tweets, that you are not comfortable sharing with everyone else in the world. The Internet is a global distribution medium, and once something is published, it cannot easily be retracted. 
  • Ask Your Child for Permission to Post: Involve your children in the process. Ask them if they are comfortable with you sharing their photos or other content. We suggest that you let them have input in which photos or other content may be shared with us.
  • Consider the Background Appearing in Your Photos: Be cognizant that background information in your photos can reveal information about you and can be a safety concern. For example, photos taken in front of your home could have your home address visible in the background. Photos taken in front of a local landmark could also reveal places you frequent. NJTPA does not know your local area and we will have no way of knowing what backgrounds could pose a safety concern.
  • Check Your Child’s Clothing: A child’s T-shirt could contain a school logo or summer camp or other information that could also reveal their location.
  • GPS: Some phones embed GPS into media. Please turn off the location service when recording video or audio on your mobile device that you will provide to us.
  • Don’t Post or Provide Us with Content of Children Who Are Not Yours: If you are not the parent or legal guardian of a child, you do not have permission submit the content of that child.