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Staff Directory

Main Telephone Number: 973-639-8400

Please call the front desk to be connected with staff members below or email inquiries to [email protected].

PLEASE NOTE: As a transportation planning agency, the NJTPA does not operate or maintain roads, buses, trains, etc. You may wish to contact NJ TRANSIT, the NJ Department of Transportation, the NJ Turnpike Authority, or the appropriate local government for assistance with any such issues.

Request a record:  Please email a completed NJTPA Records Request Form to the Custodian of Records at [email protected]

David W. Behrend
Executive Director
Melissa Hayes
Senior Director, Communications & External Affairs
Elizabeth Johnson
Senior Director, Information Systems
Jeff Perlman
Senior Director, Planning
Angellita Young
Senior Director, Finance & Administration

Analytical & Planning Tools

Richard Cippoletti Senior Manager, Analytical and Planning Tools

Liz DeRuchie Manager, Air Quality/Conformity

Andrew Kaplan Manager, Planning for Transportation Technology and Operations

Gabrielle Fausel Manager, GIS and Planning Tools

Capital Programming

Vanessa Koenigkramer Director Capital Programming

John Witsch Principal Project Information Specialist

Zhen Liu Manager, Database Development

Munsif Husami Senior Project Information Specialist

Communications & Public Affairs

Mark Solof Director, Communications and Public Affairs

Dralyn Veech Senior Graphic Designer

vacant Executive Secretary to the Board

Kevin Ortiz Multimedia Specialist

vacant Web Developer - Part Time

Environmental & Sustainability Planning

Blythe Eaman Director, Environmental & Sustainability Planning

Peter Bilton Manager, Sustainable Transportation Planning

Zenon Tech-Czarny Principal Planner, Environmental Planning

Jasmine Grossmann Principal Planner, TMA & Mobility Programs

Finance & Administration

Pamela Lewis Senior Manager, Finance and Administration

Lian Cheng Manager, Special Programs Accounts

Debra Wodzinski Office Manager

Joanna Doyle Grants Specialist

Fredicia Westbrook-Coley Administrative Coordinator

Maria Slump Senior Grants and Contracts Administrator

Regina Davis Office Coordinator

Samantha Isaac Administrative Assistant/Accounts Payable Support - Part Time

Helen Newsome Administrative Assistant, Part-Time

Freight Planning

Anne Strauss-Wieder Director, Freight Planning

Jakub Rowinski Manager, Freight Planning

Information Technology

Igor Sorin Director, Information Technology

Chris Roche Manager, Information Systems Architect

Kaitlynn Davis Manager, Database and Application Development

John Shote Principal Planner, Help Desk and Support

Adam Caspari Database and Applications Developer

Gina Rodolico ERP Project Manager, Part-Time

Local Project Development

Sascha Frimpong Director, Local Project Development

Christine Mittman Manager, Safety Programs

Sarbjit Kahlon Principal Planner, Local Programs

vacant Principal Planner, Safety Programs

Patricia Newton Principal Planner, Project Lead

Rich Brundage Project Manager-Part Time

Long Range Transportation Planning

Lois Goldman Director, Long Range Transportation Planning

Keith Hamas Principal Planner, Safety Planning

Peter Zambito Principal Planner - Corridor Studies

William Long Principal Planner, Subregional Studies

Justine Recio-Patel Senior Planner for Subregional Programs

Noah Lustig Safety Planner - Part Time


Vacant Senior Manager, Public Outreach

Ted Ritter Manager, External Affairs

Mark Hrywna Editor

Will Yarzab Senior Planner, Safety - Part-Time

Systems Planning, Data & Forecasting

Brian Fineman Director, Systems Planning, Data and Forecasting

Jeffrey Vernick Manager, Performance Analysis and Planning

vacant Manager, Modeling

Keith Miller Manager, Data Analysis and Forecasting

Eugene McGuinness Principal Planner, Performance Analysis and Planning