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This page provides links to recent articles, reports and announcements relating to transportation policy, legislation and research. The entries are drawn from a wide range of sources, including national newspapers, magazines and websites. If you come across interesting transportation reading that might deserve posting here, let us know at [email protected]

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Top 10 transportation trends to watch for in 2020 Green Biz, 12/17/19 - 

It's that time of year again, where we simultaneously look back at the year slipping away behind us and towards the shiny new year full of promise just ahead. There was a lot to celebrate in transportation in 2019. It was a big year for cities to buy electric transit buses and ban diesel cars from city centers (at least Europe).

The next big thing in transportation? The ‘un-car’ Fast Company, Jan. 8, 2020 - Here are two important characteristics of the airline industry: Just two manufacturers produce 99% of the world’s airplanes for airlines, and everyday passengers have a hard time telling those aircraft apart—and mostly don’t care anyway. Weirdly enough, though, these characteristics are important to the future of cars. Why? Because the present of Boeing and Airbus could be the future of the automotive industry.
CES 2020: These car tech innovations will change your life Road Show, Jan. 11, 2020 - CES 2020 is a wonderful yet bewildering place, jam-packed with available-right-now tech and never-will-be moonshots in equal measure. It's hard to find -- let alone make sense of -- the automobiles, technology and services that will impact you, the consumer.
In New Jersey, a Mega-Mall and a Twitter Account Reclaim a Misunderstood State  Rolling Stone, Dec. 30, 2019 - New Jersey’s Meadowlands is home to toxic waste, rumored bodies of dead mobsters, and, now, The American Dream — a three million square foot palace to shopping, dining and indoor entertainment. From the highway, it looks a like an airport mated with a waterslide: bright plastic tubes burst from its white façade at odd intervals, while its great glass atrium houses a garden of synthetic delights.
Trucking Companies Blame Rocky Economic Conditions For 2019 Shutdowns Yahoo, December 30, 2019 - After last year's red-hot freight market and record profits, many trucking companies blame rocky economic conditions, a weak freight market and soaring insurance and equipment costs as the main reasons some fleets did not survive the economic downturn in 2019.
Forget electric cars — e-bikes will be the top selling EV in the next decade The verge, Dec. 16, 2019 - Deloitte, which released its annual technology, media, and telecommunications predictions last week, says it expects 130 million e-bikes to be sold between 2020 and 2023 in the US. It also noted that “the number of e-bikes on the roads will easily outpace other e-vehicles by the end of next year.
Caltrans Will Account for New Driving Produced by its Transportation Projects Streetsblog, Nov. 25, 2019 - A "profound change" in how transportation impacts are accounted for is coming, in line with efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and driving and increase biking, walking, and transit trip
How climate change impacts infrastructure: experts explain Univ. of Sydney, Nov. 29. 2019 - From fires in the Amazon and in Australia, to flash flooding in Europe, right across the globe we are witnessing the impact of climate change on the environment. But how does a changing climate affect key infrastructure? Engineering experts explain.
VIDEO:  NJDOT Safety Countermeasures Training and Educational Films NJDOT developed these 6 videos to train and educate viewers on the design features and safety benefits of FHWA’s Proven Safety Countermeasures that improve pedestrian safety.
Ford and Microsoft try to tackle traffic jams with quantum research Axios, Dec. 10, 2019 - Ford and Microsoft have figured out how to leverage quantum computing — the powerful but not yet commercialized technology — to tackle traffic in Seattle. 
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