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Kids’ Future of Transportation Contest

Winners and Submissions

Thank you to everyone who participated in our NJTPA On Air Future of Transportation contest! We received more than 150 submissions from children ages 5 to 15 from across our region. This included videos, drawings, animations, poems and essays. 

Although each submission was unique, several common themes arose. Children shared that their vision for the future of transportation includes:

  • Vehicles that fly or hover
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Highspeed trains powered by maglev technology
  • Environmentally-friendly travel modes
  • Futuristic micro-mobility, such as jetpacks or hovering chairs
  • Vehicles you could live in, such as self-sustaining pods
  • Teleportation

Click to view a slide show (best for larger desktop viewing) or a gallery of winners and semi-finalists. Click to view all other submissions (note: only submissions that were accompanied by parental consent forms are included in this gallery). Congratulations to our contest winners:

Judges’ Choice
Winner: Samuel Pierrevil
Runner Up: Julia Olkowski

14+ Age Group
Winner: Chloe Barter
Runner Up: Alissa Sherbatov
12-13 Age Group
Winner: Vinuta Ramakrishnan
Runner Up: Yaksh Soni
9-11 Age Group
Winner: Tyler Kusznier
Runner Up: Scarlet Steinmetz
Under 8 Age Group
Winner: Noah Akinyemi
Runner Up: Milo Schneider

The input we received from the contest participants is being incorporated into the next long-range transportation plan for our region. Plan 2050: Transportation, People, Opportunity will recommend policies, programs, and investments that will affect everyone in northern and central New Jersey.