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Engineering Assistance

Growth in LSP, HRRR and Engineering Assistance HistogramsUnder MAP-21, the FAST Act continues the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) as a core Federal-aid program with the purpose of achieving a significant reduction in fatalities and serious injuries on all public roads, including non-State-owned public roads. Highway Safety Improvement projects must be consistent with the State’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) and are selected on the basis of supportive crash data.

NJTPA allocates HSIP through several programs. Since 2013, the NJTPA has allocated more than $9 million for the design of projects in the Local Safety and High Risk Rural Roads Programs. Engineering consultants assist the subregions with design and advancement through the construction authorization process.  Once projects are selected for each program, NJTPA staff initiates the consultant selection process for design assistance and holds the contracts with the consulting firms. In the FY 2018 program, 75% of the projects in these programs requested design assistance.




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