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A roundup of transportation news from daily, weekly and online outlets.

Tolls are increasing Sunday on these Delaware River bridges, 4/9/2021 - Drivers who pay cash to cross the Delaware River in north and central Jersey will have to pay $2 more to drive across starting early Sunday morning.
NJ Transit adds Sunday bus service on 8 routes, 4/8/2021 - NJ Transit is adding Sunday service to eight bus routes, four of which serve medical facilities and essential workers, who have been riding buses throughout the coronavirus pandemic.
Penn Station opponents say Cuomo skyscraper plan delivers too little at too high a cost Penn Station opponents say Cuomo skyscraper plan delivers too little at too high a cost, 4/7/2021 - Members of a coalition at a demonstration Wednesday criticized New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s “Empire Station” plan to build 10 skyscrapers as a way to fund Penn Station’s redevelopment. 
Hoboken, New Jersey, Has Recorded Zero Traffic Deaths for Three Years Straight, 4/7/21 - Walking is good exercise; it’s literally the first step on the road to better health. But it’s also more dangerous than it ought to be if crossing streets or roads is involved.
Gov. Murphy Welcomes Newark Penn Station's First Dual-Powered Locomotive, 4/6/21 - Newark Penn Station is on track towards becoming a more reliable and sustainable travel hub as Gov. Phil Murphy on Tuesday introduced the first fleet of dual-powered locomotives to the city. 
NYC groups oppose Penn Station plan that includes annex for NJ Transit trains, 4/6/2021 - The mega-plan to finance redeveloping Penn Station New York by allowing up to 10 new skyscrapers to be built in the surrounding mid-town Manhattan neighborhood around the subterranean station is running into some towering opposition.
New LED Lighting Installed in Stafford Near Target Shopping Plaza, 4/5/2021 - Starting Monday, April 5, drivers along Stafford Park Boulevard and Recovery Road will see infrastructure upgrades in progress as Stafford Township works with Atlantic City Electric to replace street lights with new LED lights and poles.
NJ Transit Aims to Improve Bus Lines in Newark, Will Hold Public Meeting this Week, 4/5/21 - NJ Transit will host a meeting this Thursday for Newark residents to gain public insight on how the city’s bus service could be refined. 
Have ideas for a better bus system in Newark? NJ Transit wants to hear from you, 4/5/2021 - Two public participation sessions are scheduled for April 8, the first starting at 3 p.m., the second at 6 p.m. They will be held virtually on Zoom, or participants can call in. Participants can register at
Your summer road trip is a factor in whether gas prices top $3 a gallon, 4/5/21 - What might push gas prices over the $3 a gallon level for regular? It might depend on how many more people take that traditional road trip to the Jersey Shore this summer, experts said.

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A list of links to recent articles, reports and announcements relating to transportation policy, legislation and research.

The Rules That Made U.S. Roads So Deadly, 3/30/21 - A 25-year-old Yale Law student. A crossing guard. A 78-year-old woman. A high-school teacher. These are but four of the pedestrians and bikers counted among the 310 motor-vehicle-related deaths seen in 2020 in Connecticut, where I live. Our state saw one of the highest increases in the U.S. for such deaths: 22% more than in 2019.
Does It Matter That I Let My Car Park Itself?, 3/30/21 - Given the skill sets we humans have lost over the course of our history—archery, celestial navigation, and the ability to track animals come to mind—I don’t know that the obsolescence of parking skills counts as a blow to the species, especially considering that it’s an ability people often lose through perfectly mundane circumstances. Moving to the suburbs, say. It’s true that we’re the only animal to have mastered the art of driving, and that the gradual automation of the car often makes it feel as though we’re abdicating some essential feature of our intelligence. Of course, it’s hard to say what “human intelligence” even means these days. The definition is always changing, mostly in reaction to whatever new aptitude machines have picked up.
What Data Can’t Do New Yorker, 3/29/21 -  When it comes to people—and policy—numbers are both powerful and perilous....Whenever you try to force the real world to do something that can be counted, unintended consequences abound.
‘I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This’: Chaos Strikes Global Shipping The New York Times, 3/7/21 - Off the coast of Los Angeles, more than two dozen container ships filled with exercise bikes, electronics and other highly sought imports have been idling for as long as two weeks. In Kansas City, farmers are struggling to ship soybeans to buyers in Asia. In China, furniture destined for North America piles up on factory floors.
New Jersey Allocates Funding Toward Further Electrification at the Port of NY and NJ, 3/2/21 - New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced earlier in February that the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, several Port of New York of New Jersey tenants, and other agencies and organizations across the state would receive more than $100 million for clean, equitable transportation projects. The funds were allocated from the state’s participation in the Regional Green House Gas Initiative (RGGI) and the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust, a legal settlement from the carmaker over emissions cheating claims.