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A roundup of transportation news from daily, weekly and online outlets.

Next step for a green NJ: electric trucks, 10/8/20 - A new study recommends that New Jersey ramp up the number of electric medium- and heavy-duty diesel vehicles, a step that could curtail tailpipe air pollution, especially for vulnerable populations in urban areas; save businesses money; and potentially bring down electric rates for customers.
Metuchen: Main Street safety improvement project hearing set NJTPA Mention, 10/7/20 - Middlesex County and North Jersey Transportation Authority officials will hold a virtual public meeting Wednesday on a planned safety improvement project along Main Street between Talmadge and Brunswick avenues.
Port Authority amasses largest airport electric bus fleet on East Coast, 10/6/2020 - The Port Authority has completed the deployment of its 36-bus electric fleet at its three metro area airports as part of what Executive Director Rick Cotton said on Tuesday is a broader environmental agenda for the agency.
Stewart Mader exits NJ Transit amid growing scrutiny, leaving customer advocate role open, 10/5/2020 - Stewart Mader, who has served in NJ Transit’s groundbreaking but controversial customer advocate role since 2019, has parted ways with the agency.
NJ gas tax increase hits drivers at worst time, 10/1/20 - The gas tax on both regular and diesel fuel went up 9.3 cents a gallon in New Jersey on Thursday. In a matter of just four years, New Jersey has gone from being among states with the lowest gas taxes in the nation to among the highest.
NY Waterway Restores Weekend Ferries From Hoboken And Weehawken, 10/1/20 - As New York City reopens its attractions, NY Waterway is restoring weekend ferry service from Port Imperial in Weehawken and 14th Street in Hoboken to the Midtown West 39th Street Ferry Terminal. 

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A list of links to recent articles, reports and announcements relating to transportation policy, legislation and research.

Car sales rise and car-share companies boom as pandemic upends transportation Guardian, Aug. 13, 2020 - Since the coronavirus pandemic first hit the United States, many people who previously relied on buses, subways or ride-hailing services are opting for other ways to travel to avoid sharing space – and germs – with strangers. As public transportation and ride-hailing companies see deep cuts in their profits, car sales are on the rise. The pandemic could also ultimately benefit vehicle sharing companies like Gig, Turo and Zipcar, said Maite Bezerra, an analyst at the global tech market advisory ABI Research.
Who needs a car? Electric unicycles among new forms of micro urban transportation  Vancouver Sun, Sept. 27, 2020 -Saville’s electric unicycle is one of the new kind of vehicles appearing more and more on streets, bike lanes and sometimes sidewalks in the region. In the last decade, they’ve been joined by a whole range of new vehicles that include electric bicycles, electric skateboards with one and two wheels, electric scooters, and electric hoverboards. 
Next-Gen Transportation Isn’t Going Anywhere Without Data Government Technology, Sept.15, 2020 - Effectively operating the transportation systems of tomorrow is going to take more than thoughtful planning; it’s also going to require a lot of good data, experts say. 
Will Trump let congestion pricing happen?, 8/13/20 - The Metropolitan Transportation Authority could really do with an extra $1 billion right about now. The MTA expects to face a $16 billion shortfall through 2024, and that’s on top of long-neglected infrastructure modernization needs that congestion pricing was supposed to fund with $1 billion per year in revenue from tolling drivers entering Manhattan south of 60th Street at peak times. But any hopes of the state’s congestion pricing plan delivering that kind of dough have been dashed for the foreseeable future. 
Corona Bicycle Metrics: Where Bicycling Increased and (Surprise!) Decreased Street Light Data, 7/21/20 - Bike shops sold out quickly, and cyclists seemed to be everywhere during May’s widespread stay-home orders. But were Americans actually cycling more? Our analysis provides cycling facts instead of anecdotes about cycling during COVID. And some of the results surprised us. To understand the shifts in cycling behavior beyond the anecdotal headlines, we used our bicycle Metric from StreetLight Insight. We’ve just released updated data through May of 2020 to enable these sorts of trend analyses.