Public Involvement

Outreach Liaisons

Three woman look at a map of a project study area.The pilot Outreach Liaison Program aims to deploy residents of the NJTPA region who have deep roots in and knowledge of different cultures and ethnicities to help gather community input for various projects, studies and programs.

The outreach liaisons would help tailor our public outreach strategies to the specific needs of a project or study area’s ethnic or cultural groups. Liaisons may offer knowledge about cultural nuances, interface with community members on behalf of the agency, facilitate community meetings or events, and provide translation services, if needed.

The program recruited applicants in Fall 2021. Applications are being reviewed. Candidates will be selected based on their volunteering experience, commitment to their communities, and communication skills. 

The goal of the program is to engage residents more effectively in transportation planning, increase public understanding of our work, and ensure engagement is diverse and inclusive. Our 13-county region is one of most diverse areas in the country, with communities that represent many races, ethnicities, cultures, languages, identities, religions, and traditions.

This is a two-year pilot program, with the first year focused on recruiting and training a group of five outreach liaisons. Training, to be held in early 2022, will focus on helping build connections between the communities the liaisons represent and the NJTPA. Workshops will offer information on public engagement techniques, meeting facilitation, and an overview of our work.

Following the workshops, liaisons will participate in hands-on training, shadowing professionals in real community outreach work. Once liaisons are trained, they will assist with a variety of projects or programs, including identifying the needs of the communities they represent.

[Last updated: December 6, 2021]