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Local Transit Grants

In 2014 NJ TRANSIT responded to the discontinuation of the FTA Section 5316 (Job Access Reverse Commute) program with the creation of a new program, NJ-Job Access and Reverse Commute (NJ-JARC), using their own operating funding. NJ-JARC provides operating assistance to localities for the development of transportation shuttle services to connect low income persons to jobs and other employment related services. Eligible services include shuttles and connector services to public transit or warehouse locations. In 2017, the program awarded $5.1 million to projects throughout New Jersey, including the Route 37 bus route operating in Ocean County and the Route 22 Safety Shuttle in Union County. NJTPA assists with the scoring of applications for NJ-JARC projects.

Bus for senior programNJ TRANSIT also administers the FTA Enhanced Mobility for Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities (Section 5310) program, which can also fund projects previously eligible under the former Section 5317 (New Freedom) program.  This program is an annual competitive grant for capital and operating projects specifically for the provision of transportation for seniors and people with disabilities. Eligible applicants are non-profits, for-profits providing shared ride transportation, and public entities. NJTPA assists with scoring applications from our region and provides significant feedback during the Section 5310 State Application Review.  

The transportation services provided through the Section 5310 program include but are not limited to non-emergency medical, shopping, competitive employment and non-competitive employment trips.  In the FY2015 grant year $7.1 million in capital and operating funds was awarded for projects covering all 21 counties of the State. In the NJTPA region, projects included operating assistance to Passaic County for transportation for their senior and disabled residents and three minibuses for Hunterdon County’s LINK services.

All Section 5310 and NJ-JARC services must be consistent with the NJTPA’s Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan (CHSTP) and meet the FTA’s program goals and requirements.

For information about these programs, contact:

Anna Magri 
Director of Local Programs, Minibus Support and Community Mobility 
[email protected]  

Peter Bilton
Principal Planner, TMA & Mobility Programs
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