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Local Safety Program/High Risk Rural Roads

Map - Local Safety Program & High Risk Rural Roads FY 2005-2018
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The NJTPA works with its federal partners, the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT), subregions and other state and local agencies to make travel safer and more reliable for everyone who uses our region’s transportation system. To support these efforts, the NJTPA solicits candidate projects for implementation under two safety funding programs each fiscal year, the Local Safety and High Risk Rural Roads programs. These programs, which fund cost-effective solutions that can make an immediate impact on their target areas, are described below.

In fall 2020, the NJTPA Board approved $96 million for the Safety Program! Read more about it here.

Local Safety Program

This federally-funded program is a component of wider safety planning at the NJTPA, supporting construction of cost-effective, high-impact safety improvements on county and local roadway facilities in the NJTPA region. Projects on State, U.S. and Interstate highways are not eligible for funding under this program.

Since its inception with a pilot program in 2004, the NJTPA has allocated $216 million in Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) funds for 126 projects
Typical projects supported by this program include new and upgraded traffic signals, road diets, modern roundabouts, pedestrian safety including countdown signal heads, high visibility crosswalks, curb extensions, new and upgraded signs and pavements markings, bike lanes and other improvements New Jersey is a focus state for Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety and Intersection Safety.

Subregions interested in applying for funding should visit the Local Safety Program page.

High Risk Rural Roads

This program using federal funding that has specifically been set aside to address safety needs in rurural areas. Since its inception in 2009, this program has allocated more than $45 million for 23 projects (click on this link for more information on these projects). Typical projects supported by this program include high friction surface treatment and mircosurfacing, correction of curve superelevations, centerline and edgeline rumble strips, upgraded pavement markings and signs. Roadway departures account for about half of all the traffic fatalities in the United States.

Subregions interested in applying for funding should visit the High Risk Rural Roads Program page.

For further information on these NJTPA programs contact:

Christine Mittman
Project Manager, Safety Programs
[email protected]

Sascha Frimpong
Director, Local Programs and Project Development
[email protected]