Demographics & GIS

Enterprise GIS


The NJTPA completed the Enterprise Geographic Information System (EGIS) project in 2010. The project established a central location for numerous geographic and related non-geographic data collected and stored by the NJTPA. While some of the data originates at the NJTPA, the portal also includes information from other local, regional and national sources. These data sources are used to inform NJTPA decision-making.
This project produced a new enterprise-class geospatial database that regularizes how data items are stored, updated and exchanged. The project is an example of interagency coordination in action, with integral contributions from numerous local, regional, and state partners.

The EGIS database allows staff to respond to data requests more efficiently. As appropriate, EGIS information is available for download online at the NJTPA Open Data Portal, the public- website containing the agency’s data catalog. Authorized users are able to draw directly from the EGIS database to produce tables, maps and conduct their own analyses.

EGIS Standards

As part of the project the NJTPA developed a set of standards to ensure the quality of the data collected. The EGIS Quality Assurance document provides standards for both hardware and software requirements for the EGIS system as well as standards for data resource deliverables including GIS data tables and layers. To learn more about the naming conventions and other requirements please review the EGIS Quality Assurance document for additional guidance.


Contributor Maintenance Schedules

As this will continue to be a joint effort with partner agencies, contributors will be contacted during the first two weeks of each quarter for data updates. Contributors should expect correspondence containing exchange instructions during the following dates of each year:

  • January 1st to January 15th

  • April 1st to April 15th

  • July 1st to July 15th

  • October 1st to October 15th

For further information, contact Gabrielle Fausel, Principal Planner of GIS and Planning Tools at [email protected].