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NJTPA Style Guide

Guidelines for Report Preparation

The NJTPA has issued Guidelines for Preparation of NJTPA Reports and Studies for use in NJTPA’s various study and grant programs. The guidelines should be used by consultants, NJTPA staff, staff of subregions and others conducting NJTPA-sponsored studies or projects. The goal is to create documents that are clearly written, understandable to both technical and non-technical readers and visually appealing. 

Guidelines for Logo Usage (Print & Electronic)

The NJTPA logo colors are PMS 654 blue and PMS 209 maroon. The logo may be used with or without the tagline in either the horizontal or original configuration.

The logos in png format should not be enlarged more than 10 percent to maintain quality. The vector files are scalable but do not work in all programs.

Filenames under the logos are available in both png and eps formats. In instances where only one color or black is available, the bw named files may be used. Download logos here: png, vector eps or svg, bw pngbw vector eps or svgreverse png, reverse vector eps or svg.

If the NJTPA logo will be used at a size below 1.75” wide, or in an application where a simplified version is needed, use the ‘acronym’ or ‘small’ named files. Both have fewer lines in the map.

See usage examples below.

All files are transparent; do not put the logo in a white box over a color tint. Knocked out or reverse versions of the logo are available. Do not add shadows or other graphic devices to the logo. The logo should remain unembellished. The examples below apply to both print and electronic (including email) usage.