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Regional Human Services Transportation Plan

Project Background

person boarding busThe regional Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan (CHSTP) identifies the transportation needs of seniors, low-income people, veterans, and individuals with disabilities. The plan provides strategies for meeting those needs and prioritizing transportation services for funding and implementation.

Human services transportation planning has a profound effect on the lives of the people it serves. The right systems, services and policies can facilitate access to employment, education, social supports and personal independence. Lack of coordination, poor communication, and non-integrated service areas can leave passengers stranded, frustrated, and isolated.

The plan update was prepared with consultant support from the Alan M. Voorhees Transportation Center at Rutgers University and data collection and public outreach support from the eight Transportation Management Associations serving New Jersey. The last plan was completed in 2008.


helping person board vanStudy Activities

The CHSTP includes an examination of existing plans, reports, laws and regulations to inventory how and where services are provided to the transportation disadvantaged populations. In addition, data from various sources were analyzed to profile the travel patterns of the disadvantaged populations.

The study conducted a multi-faceted public and stakeholder outreach effort.  The region’s Transportation Management Associations (TMAs), working in coordination with NJTPA, engaged the public through focus groups, surveys, and community planning sessions; in total, nearly 5,000 people representing the four target populations provided input through the public outreach effort. An Advisory Committee of stakeholders representing State agencies, TMAs, and non-profits was formed to offer input and give feedback at each phase of the plan development process.


loading trunk with shopping bagsRecommendations

The CHSTP culminates with the development of strategies for addressing the identified needs. The recommendations are organized into the following Strategic Themes:

  1. Increasing Auto Connections with Assistance
  2. Reducing Financial Barriers
  3. Coordinating Regional Destinations
  4. Improving Customer Experience
  5. Enhancing Communication
  6. Infrastructure Improvements
  7. Enhancing and Expanding Service
  8. Promoting Mobility on Demand
  9. Incentivizing Operational Coordination