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Subregional Planning

Partnership is a key principle of the transportation planning process in northern New Jersey. The 13 counties and two major cities represented on the NJTPA Board—known as "subregions"—carry out transportation planning work that helps NJTPA identify and address regional-level transportation needs. Subregion-specific information can be found here.

The Subregional Transportation Planning (STP) Program provides funding to each subregion for essential transportation planning, programming and administrative activities that support regional needs assessment and strategy development. These activities include collecting data, analyzing project needs, facilitating public participation and sharing information. The activities are intended to support the goals and policies in the NJTPA Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). Funding is allocated based on each subregion's population. Further details can be found in the NJTPA Unified Planning Work Program Volume II.
Under the STP, the NJTPA provides federal funding to support subregional planning work, and the funds are matched by a local contribution. As vital partners in regional planning work, the subregions help bring a local perspective to all aspects of NJTPA's work to improve the northern New Jersey transportation network.

Subregional Transportation Planning (STP) Program & Subregional Studies Program(SSP) Administrative Guidelines
Subregional planning activities supported by the NJTPA include the following:
Regional Transportation Advisory Committee (RTAC)
Composed of planners and engineers from the subregions, the RTAC reviews regional issues. It meets bi-monthly. Its meeting agendas are normally posted on the NJTPA meeting calendar.
Subregional Studies Program  
This is a competitive program that provides two-year grants to individual subregions or subregional teams. The program is designed to assist subregions in refining and developing transportation improvement strategies rooted in the NJTPA’s Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). Ultimately, the program aims to generate project concepts ready for further development or implementation consistent with the LRTP and/or other transportation planning activities in the region. For information on current and past studies is available on the subregional study page.
Local Capital Project Delivery (LCPD) Program  
LCPD is a competitive program which provides funding to NJTPA Subregions to prepare proposed transportation projects for eventual construction with federal funding. This preparation involves completing the multi-step Capital Project Delivery Process which was developed by the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT). Sponsors identify problems and needs and develop projects through the Local Concept Development and Local Preliminary Engineering phases of this program. This work enables a project to be considered for inclusion in the NJTPA’s annual Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). Projects must be included in the TIP to receive federal funding for final design, right-of-way acquisition and construction.