Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

TIP Detail Reports

This page provides detailed information about the NJTPA Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and about recent and pending changes to TIP projects and programs. The easiest way to access information about current projects is through the NJTPA Online Project Information System–NOTIS. NOTIS also includes updates on the status of projects.

The TIP that was approved by the NJTPA Board on September 13, 2021 covers federal fiscal years 2022-2025. The table below contains detailed information on projects in the FY 2022-2025 TIP and other current documents from the NJTPA Capital Programming Division, including pending modifications and amendments. Reports from past TIPs are available on the TIP Archive page.

Summary lists of the projects in the TIP are available in the following files:
Counties|Regionwide| Statewide|NJ TRANSIT|PANYNJ

Explanations of the column headings are as follows: 
Column 1: The entries in the first column are detailed project pages for the FY 2022-2025 TIP, revised and updated as of the date shown.
Column 2: The second column shows proposed (pending) additions, deletions or changes to current TIP projects or programs as of the date shown. Such modifications or amendments are governed by procedures in the MOU - Appendix D.


County Column 1 Column 2
FY 2022- 2025 TIP As of: Current Revisions (Pending)
Bergen 2/24/2023 2/24/2023
Essex 2/24/2023  
Hudson 2/24/2023 2/24/2023
Hunterdon 2/27/2023  
Middlesex 2/24/2023  
Monmouth 2/24/2023  
Morris 2/24/2023 2/24/2023
Ocean 2/24/2023  
Passaic 2/24/2023 2/24/2023
Somerset 2/24/2023 2/24/2023
Sussex 2/24/2023  
Union 2/24/2023  
Warren 2/24/2023  
Regionwide 3/1/2023 2/24/2023
Statewide 2/24/2023  
NJ Transit 12/15/2022  
PANY&NJ 10/17/2022