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Regional Roundup of the News The following are links to a selection of transportation-related articles published recently by newspapers in the northern New Jersey region. This page is updated on at least a bi-weekly basis. Please note that links on this page may expire or be unreliable due to changes made by host newspapers.

Calling all cars: Bill would take N.J.’s auto theft crime fighting network national, 4/6/2024 (PAYWALL) - Calling New Jersey the epicenter of auto theft with 16,000 stolen cars reported last year, U.S. Rep. Josh Gottheimer, D-5th, announced plans to combat the problem by providing funding and other resources for police departments to share real-time information about boosted cars.
New Jersey’s challenge to New York’s congestion pricing plan now awaits ruling New Jersey Monitor, 4/5/2024 - New Jersey’s lawsuit to block New York’s plan to hike tolls on Manhattan’s busiest roads is now in the hands of a federal judge, who heard arguments Wednesday and Thursday in the challenge filed last summer.
N.J. cops start 30-day crackdown on texting drivers. See list of departments adding patrols., 4/4/2024 - The annual crackdown on New Jersey motorists who text while driving began this week with 182 law enforcement agencies receiving grants to pay police officers for increased patrols.
New Jersey awards $30.1M in freight impact grants Transportation today, 4/5/2024 - New Jersey recently awarded $30.1 million in FY24 Local Freight Impact Fund grants to counties and municipalities statewide.
NJ, NY lawyers sling barbs in court over contested congestion pricing plan for Manhattan Bergen Record, 4/4/2024 - he overarching theme of New Jersey’s argument that New York’s congestion pricing program merits further review was whittled down to a hamburger analogy during the second and final day of oral arguments Thursday in a suit filed by the Garden State.
EarthCam installed at Hudson Tunnel Project construction site NJBIZ, 4/3/2024 - Beginning April 3, live images of the project site are available on the Gateway Development Commission website. Daily updates of progress as well as periodic time-lapse footage will be released throughout the construction.
Wayne Township Council approves changes to alter traffic at dangerous intersection News12 New Jersey, 4/3/2024 - The Wayne Township Council approved changes to alter the traffic pattern at the intersection of Armstrong Avenue and Hamburg Turnpike, where there have been 40 crashes over the past five years – three of which have been deadly. The change is expected to go into effect in about a month. However, with the suggested changes from residents during the meeting, the council could revisit more changes to the intersection in the future.
What drivers need to know as NJ makes electric vehicles more expensive Gothamist, 4/3/2024 - A law signed by Gov. Phil Murphy will charge EV drivers an annual fee on top of their normal yearly registrations starting July 1. That fee is $250 this year, and will rise $10 per year until it tops out at $290. Buyers of new vehicles will pay four years, or more than $1,000, upfront. Purchases of hybrid vehicles are not subject to this new fee.
New Jersey goes to court against congestion-pricing tolls NJ Spotlight News, 4/3/2024 - With little time to spare, the Murphy administration claimed the plan will only divert more traffic through local neighborhoods, without offering to mitigate the environmental impact of added air pollution — or sharing any of the revenue with NJ Transit agencies.
Travel back in time between Passaic County train stations. See photos, 4/1/2024 - Travel back in time between Passaic County train stations. See photos
NJ Transit Receives Federal Grant To Develop Artificial Intelligence System For Grade Crossing Safety Insider NJ, 4/1/2024 - NJ TRANSIT has been awarded a $1.6 million grant from the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) for the implementation of Artificial Intelligence-based systems designed to improve safety at light rail grade crossings.
Which Monmouth and Ocean bridges need to be fixed? These 24 are on the list Asbury Park Press, (PAYWALL) 4/1/2024 - In early March, the Route 71 bridge linking Belmar and Avon stopped opening to boat traffic. The unexpected closure due to a mechanical failure adds the bridge to a list of bridges in New Jersey with poor ratings that are proposed to be monitored more frequently, rehabilitated or replaced. 
Car dealers in N.J. are ready to sell more electric vehicles. There’s just no demand., 3/31/2024 - It’s Tuesday and Rick DeSilva Jr. is not washing cars like he was in the early 1980s when he started working for his dad at a dealership.
N.J., N.Y. transit systems doing outreach to help those with mental health disorders, 3/29/2024 (PAYWALL) - Before the Metropolitan Transportation Authority took a final vote on congestion pricing, it’s CEO detailed a program that addresses a major rider concern, helping homeless people in the subway system who have mental health disorders or are homeless.
NJ Transit board recommends a candidate for long vacant customer advocate role, 3/28/2024 - At long last, the NJ Transit's board has recommended an individual to be the agency's customer advocate, a legally required role that has been vacant for more than three years.
Baltimore bridge collapse will send more cargo ships to N.J., 3/28/2024 - The effects of Tuesday's collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore Harbor will be felt in New Jersey, with more ships detoured to the nation’s second-busiest container port, and a renewed focus on safety, an engineering expert said.
MTA approves congestion pricing plan to charge vehicles more entering Manhattan from NJ, 3/27/2024 - The Metropolitan Transportation Authority's board has approved the congestion pricing plan for vehicles entering Manhattan, which includes varying rates and exemptions and a $15 toll for regular passenger cars during peak hours weekdays and weekends.
New Jersey Gov. Murphy renews state’s Transportation Trust Fund for five years Mass Transit Magazine, 3/27/2024 - On March 26, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signed legislation to renew the state’s Transportation Trust Fund (TTF) for five more years, which will invest billions to modernize and maintain New Jersey’s statewide transportation infrastructure while providing additional capital funding for New Jersey Transit (NJ Transit). 
It’s going to cost more for you to drive in N.J. — for both gas and electric cars, 3/26/2024 (PAYWALL) - It’s going to get more expensive for you to drive in New Jersey, no matter what kind of car you have. New Jersey drivers will see their gas taxes incrasing on an annual basis, and buyers of electric vehicles will begin paying a first-ever annual fee for road maintenance starting July 1, under a law signed by Gov. Phil Murphy Tuesday.
Saying NJ Has Too Many Pedestrian Deaths, Gottheimer Announces Aid, 3/26/2024 - Saying New Jersey has the most deadly roads for pedestrians, Rep. Josh Gottheimer (5th Dist.) came to Ridgewood to announce a new pedestrian safety program and to say that aid would be given to several Bergen County towns.
Bill to raise gas tax 2 cents for NJ transportation infrastructure projects is signed, 3/26/2024 - There was a poignant reminder of the importance of strong, reliable infrastructure and the people who risk their lives to build it at Tuesday's signing of the bill to renew the fund that supports New Jersey's transportation projects.
Murphy says NJ Transit is 'largely fixed.' Here's what the numbers say on rider experience, 3/26/2024 - During a recent “Ask the Governor” appearance, Gov. Phil Murphy sought to reassure a woman who asked, “Why is NJ Transit so bad and unreliable?” The South Orange resident explained that she regularly deals with delays and issues with old train equipment and feels that these routine commuting problems will never go away.
NYC ports expect increased shipping traffic following Baltimore bridge collapse AMNY, 3/26/2024 - The Port Authority said it expects additional cargo traffic at the Port of New York and New Jersey from ships diverting course away from Baltimore. The bi-state agency says it has the capacity to handle more cargo than it currently is, noting it saw 20% more cargo in 2021 than now, but also expects many ships to divert instead to other East Coast ports further south, like Norfolk, Va., or Savannah, Geo.
Gov. Murphy signs gas tax hike, electric vehicle fee into law New Jersey Monitor, 3/26/2024 - The bill, which passed both chambers in near party-line votes, will raise revenue targets for New Jersey’s gas taxes by roughly 18% over five years, an increase lawmakers have said would add roughly 2 cents to the state’s fuel levies annually.
N.J. could hit electric car owners with new fees starting this summer, 3/25/2024 - When an impending price hike is on the way, savvy consumers fight back by stocking up or buying a product ahead of the increase.
Ocean County commissioner: We were a ‘better county’ in the 1950s than today Asbury Park Press, 3/25/2024 - The Ocean County commissioners are defending their record after recent criticism from fellow Republicans about their long-term stewardship of the county, as its barrels toward a projected population of one million by the middle of this century.
Final vote to charge $15 for vehicles entering lower Manhattan could happen this week, 3/24/2024 - The next step in a plan to charge $15 for passenger vehicles to enter Manhattan south of 60th Street could be headed for a vote this week, clearing the way to start charging the fee in mid-June.
NJ Transit’s fare hike vote is coming. Here’s what you need to know., 3/22/2024 (PAYWALL) - The clock is counting down to a scheduled April 10 vote by NJ Transit’s board of directors whether to increase fares 15% starting on July 1. What happens next?
Get ready for a smoother landing. Newark airport’s busiest runway is getting repaved., 3/22/2024 (PAYWALL) - A smoother landing and take off are coming to Newark airport's busiest runway. Port Authority commissioners authorized spending $134 million on a project that would rehabilitate the surface of the runway that handled 213,149 total flights in 2023, which is approximately 50.8% of all operations at the airport.
'A win for everybody': Meadowlands Chamber kicks off preparations for 2026 FIFA World Cup, 3/22/2024 - Though kickoff is still more than two years away, the Meadowlands Chamber of Commerce isn’t wasting any time to begin preparations for the FIFA 2026 World Cup.
County Commissioners Condemn Gas Tax, Toll Hikes Jersey Shore Online, 3/22/2024 - Recent state increases of the gas tax, tolls and transit fares are just too much for residents to handle according to members of the Ocean County Board of Commissioners.  With those increases looming the Commissioners made their position clear that commuters and motorists can’t continue to absorb the burden of higher taxes and fees.
Massive $900 million two-county Route 80 project expected to last 10 years, 3/21/2024 - Construction on the federally funded project along a nearly 10-mile stretch of highway in Passaic and Bergen counties is expected to begin at Riverview Drive in Totowa in 2027 and be completed 10 years later in the fall of 2037 at Polifly Road in Hackensack.
Port Authority OKs new Newark transit hub NJ Spotlight News, 3/21/2024 - The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey unanimously approved a new, $160 million transit hub along Frelinghuysen Avenue in Newark’s South Ward that would link it to the Newark AirTrain Station.
Newark air traffic control moving to Philadelphia as flight records continue to be broken, 3/21/2024 - Air traffic control of the airspace around Newark Airport will be relocated in June from New York to Philadelphia, according to Federal Aviation Administration officials.
Start OK'd for $160M project linking parts of Newark and Elizabeth to AirTrain, NJ Transit, 3/21/2024 - The board of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has approved the start of construction on a project that will provide access to a Newark AirTrain and Northeast Corridor station for communities in Elizabeth and Newark.
How to report a pothole in New Jersey and get it fixed, 3/21/2024 - Potholes are a persistent nuisance for drivers across New Jersey, causing damage to vehicles and posing safety risks. However, residents can take action to address these road hazards by reporting them to the appropriate authorities.
Hudson County Officials Stand Against Proposed New Jersey Transit Fare Hike Proposal, 3/20/2024 - Citing the challenge it would pose to thousands of residents that use it on a daily basis, the Hudson County Board of Commissioners has called on New Jersey Transit to reconsider a proposed fare increase.
A new way to pay to ride N.Y.-N.J. PATH commuter trains undergoes a major expansion, 3/20/2024 (PAYWALL) - PATH officials tapped digital chip enabled cards and phones Wednesday, commemorating added Total Access PATH Payment (TAPP) readers at the World Trade Center station and announcing the deployment at six key stations of the bistate train systems terminals.
NJDOT planning Route 22 makeover through Somerset and Hunterdon counties, 3/19/2024 - The New Jersey Department of Transportation is starting to plan the long-awaited project to close a majority of the median crossings on Route 22 between Branchburg and Clinton Township.
Newark airport just won award that’s like Michelin star of air travel, 3/19/2024 (PAYWALL) - Newark Liberty International Airport’s new Terminal A just received an award that’s the air travel equivalent of winning an Academy Award or getting a Michelin star.
An automatic gas tax hike and new electric vehicle fee head to N.J. governor for his signature, 3/18/2024 - Both houses of the state legislature approved bills that would increase the state gas tax 1.9 cents per gallon for five years and charge owners of electric vehicles a $250 fee as part of an eight-year Transportation Trust Fund reauthorization bill that now goes to the governor.
Auto deaths by NJ elderly drivers raise questions on when seniors should give up the keys, 3/18/2024 - New Jersey is a state that doesn't make it easy to give up the keys. Much of the state's infrastructure was built around driving. Much of its transit system was built for commuters to get into New York, not around the state. Loss of driving becomes a loss of independence, especially in classic postwar suburbs, where some communities don't even have sidewalks.
The reasons why NJ Transit’s 15% fare hike will go ahead, 3/17/2024 (PAYWALL) - Gov. Phil Murphy proposed a Corporate Transit Fee, announced in his Feb. 27 budget address, that would provide $859 million in funding for Fiscal Year 2026, which will avert a $766 million gap in upcoming NJ Transit budgets. For now, NJ Transit is largest transit agency in the nation without a dedicated funding source for operations, but that would change under this proposal.
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Inside the Port Authority’s deal with N.Y. to fund a new $2B bus terminal. Will it work?, 3/14/2024 - The Port Authority, New York City and state officials struck a tax agreement to help finance the $2 billion replacement for the aging Midtown bus terminal that will use tax payments from three towers to be built over it to cover 20% of the costs.
An automatic gas tax hike and new electric vehicle fee race toward passage in N.J., 3/14/2024 - The legislation proposes changing the state’s gas tax formula in fiscal year 2025, which starts on July 1, to raise $2.3 billion in revenue for the trust fund that finances major highway and transit projects. That revenue goal would increase to $2.115 billion in fiscal year 2026, $2.119 billion in FY 2027, $2.366 billion in FY 2028 and $2.366 billion in FY 2029.
N.J. allows you to file claims for pothole damage. But how much is actually paid out is surprising., 3/14/2024 - Most New Jersey drivers are familiar with that sickening sound heard when their vehicle didn’t just hit a pothole, it encountered a car eating pothole-zilla and the next stop is the repair shop.
NJ TRANSIT Moves Forward With Resiliency Upgrades at Hoboken Terminal RTS, 3/13/2024 - NJ TRANSIT announced it has approved a contract to construct six new tracks, three ADA-accessible high-level platforms and a new passenger/rail personnel facility.
NJ Transit extends light rail contract while looking for a new operator, 3/13/2024 (PAYWALL) - NJ Transit’s board voted Tuesday to approve a $42 million extension of the contract with the legacy company that built the agency’s first light rail system almost 25 years ago and has been contracted to operate and maintain it since. The current contract with Twenty First Century rail ends on April 14, 2025.
$10B Midtown Bus Terminal project advances NJBIZ, 3/13/2024 - Under the agreement announced Tuesday, New York City has committed 40 years of tax revenue. That will help the Port Authority raise an estimated $2 billion – or 20% of project costs – from three potential, new commercial developments. Two will sit atop the updated bus terminal while the third is a nearby site that the Port Authority owns with private entities.
Your commute along the Raritan River in Hillsborough will be disrupted for eight months, 3/13/2024 - Construction on the section of River Road, or Somerset County Route 567, between the Elm Street Bridge and Picket Place is scheduled to begin March 25 with a tentative completion in December.
Hoboken Connect Project to 'Transform the Terminal' Set to Break Ground, 3/13/2024 - A project that will “transform” the Hoboken Terminal, turning it into one of the “crown jewels” of the NJ TRANSIT system is set to get underway. The Hoboken Connect project will break ground in the coming months after a contract was approved with LCOR Hoboken Rail Station Redevelopment by NJ TRANSIT. 
Roadwork may detour traffic along Edison, Metuchen border for six months, 3/13/2024 - Motorists traveling the Edison and Metuchen border just off Route 1 may soon face a six-month detour. The Middlesex County Engineer's Office has elected to replace the existing culvert on Orchard Street over a tributary to Mill Brook to meet current loading standards and better accommodate pedestrians.
These are the concerns shared by NJ Transit riders opposed to a fare increase, 3/13/2024 - Distrust of the agency’s decisions, requests for changes and in some cases outright opposition to a fare increase proposal were the overarching themes NJ Transit’s board members heard from riders during 10 public hearings last week. Of NJ Transit’s 750,000 average daily weekday riders, 121 spoke at the in-person-only hearings.
Why New Jersey's electric vehicle mandate is stalling Asbury Park Press, 3/13/2024 - Dave Bye of Eatontown wanted to buy an electric vehicle, but when his condo association refused to let him install a charger at his parking space or in any of their lots, his dreams drained like a dying battery.
Route 4 Roundabout Project In Holmdel To Be Topic Of Meeting, 3/13/2024, NJTPA Mention  —  Plans to make a Route 4 (Holmdel Road) intersection at North Beers Street a one-lane "roundabout" will be explained at an information session next Tuesday, March 19, at the Holmdel Municipal Building.
Atlantic City using $20M in N.J. funds to repair historic boardwalk, 3/12/2024 (PAYWALL) - Having received newly-available state funding, Atlantic City will use its $20 million allocation from New Jersey’s boardwalk fund on an overhaul of an area spanning several blocks with three casinos at the city’s northern end.
N.J. school district ending paid bus service, leaving some parents in ‘huge bind’, 3/12/2024 - Some parents in a Monmouth County school district will need a new plan for getting their children to and from school starting in September.
NJ Transit may finally have dedicated funding, but still needs a 15% fare hike, officials says, 3/12/2024 (PAYWALL) - NJ Transit’s proposed fiscal year 2025 budget is projected to top $3 billion, the largest budget in its history and for the first time in five years, doesn't predict a future fiscal cliff in approaching years. A year ago that wasn’t the case, when an initial $119 million fiscal cliff was predicted for fiscal year 2025 that starts on July 1. That increased to $917 million for fiscal year 2026 and $957 million the following fiscal year.
Get ready for months of detours as NJ replaces Squirrelwood Road bridge over Route 80, 3/12/2024 - Drivers should prepare for months of detours as the $12.2 million Squirrelwood Road bridge replacement project by the state Transportation Department gets started in April. For much of the project, drivers headed north and looking to cross the bridge will be rerouted first to Route 80 east to Exit 57B, where they will make a U-turn and get on Route 80 west back to Squirrelwood Road, and then get on northbound Squirrelwood Road/Nagle Street.
Gas tax hike — which would fund transit infrastructure — moves forward in NJ Senate, 3/12/2024 - The bill passed along party lines — as did the Assembly committee version last week — and is now being fast-tracked for full approval before both chambers, a process Republicans say has been rushed, especially since the bill language was made available less than a week ago.
Get ready for months of detours as NJ replaces Squirrelwood Road bridge over Route 80 North, 3/12/2024 - WOODLAND PARK — Drivers should prepare for months of detours as the $12.2 million Squirrelwood Road bridge replacement project by the state Transportation Department gets started in April.
Is it good news for the long-delayed Route 206 project in Hillsborough?, 3/11/2024 - Mayor Robert Briting, in his weekly video update to residents, said that talking to state officials on the long-delayed Route 206 widening and giving them "a hard nudge" is "starting to get traction."
Maplewood Township Committee Adds Its Voice to Those Protesting NJT Fare Hike The Village Green, 3/11/2024 - On March 7, the Maplewood Township Committee submitted a resolution to the New Jersey Transit board of directors “to register the Township Committee’s opposition” to a proposed 15% fare increase.
Monroe looks to 400-plus manufacturing jobs at proposed redevelopment site Courier Post, 3/11/2024 - A bottling company and 400-some jobs is the payoff the township is hoping for from its push to wrap a “redevelopment area” label around approximately 161 acres off Black Horse Pike.
NJ's transit stations could help spur more affordable housing NJ Spotlight News, 3/11/2024 - Transit-oriented development could be key to solving the region’s affordable housing crisis, according to a new report from the Regional Plan Association that found 74,000 acres of underutilized land surrounding commuter rail stations in New Jersey and New York. The report found 144 transit stations that could see rezoning and redevelopment but there are plenty of obstacles to mixed-use development as well.
Documentary recreates the horror and rescue heroics of N.J.’s deadliest train crash 73-years ago, 3/10/2024 (PAYWALL) - There probably was no better place for the premier of a documentary about New Jersey’s deadliest train wreck than roughly a mile away from where it happened 73 years ago in Woodbridge.
15% NJ Transit fare hike would be a ‘huge burden’ on working New Jerseyans, riders say, 3/9/2024 - Friday was the end of a public comment period on the potential hike. NJ Transit’s board of directors is scheduled to vote on the fare increase on April 10. Pending approval it would take effect on July 1. After that, the proposal calls for an automatic 3% annual fare increase starting on July 1, 2025, and occurring annually without an end date.
Central Jersey infrastructure projects may get $25M in federal funding, 3/8/2024 - Projects ranging from electric passenger vans in Edison and the restoration of Camp Cromwell in Bridgewater to road projects in Plainfield, South Brunswick and Dunellen are among those in Central Jersey included in a federal funding bill passed by the House of Representatives on Wednesday.
Drivers would pay more under proposed remake of roads trust fund NJ Spotlight News, 3/8/2024 - Legislation introduced by majority Democrats in the State House this week calls for a new registration fee for zero-emission vehicles that would go into effect in July and initially be set at $250 per vehicle.
License-plate readers are coming to these N.J. bridges, 3/7/2024 - Seeing an increasing need to better monitor those driving between New Jersey and Pennsylvania, authorities are installing license-plate-reading cameras on bridges linking the Garden State to Philadelphia and its suburbs.
Assembly panel advances bill to hike gas tax after hearing mixed reception New Jersey Monitor, 3/7/2024 - An Assembly panel in a party-line vote Thursday approved a bill that would increase New Jersey's gas taxes and impose an annual fee on electric vehicle registrations to continue funding the state’s transportation trust fund. The bill would raise the gas taxes’ $2 billion revenue target by $366 million over five years, with the first $32 million increase set to hit on Jan. 1, and it would levy an annual $250 fee on zero-emission vehicle registrations that would rise to $290 by July 2028.
Murphy proposes new fee on warehouse truck traffic NJ Spotlight News, 3/6/2024 - Gov. Phil Murphy proposed a $1 tax for every truck movement and projected that the revenue would amount to $10 million for the state’s general fund. Part of Murphy’s fiscal year 2025 spending plan presented last week, the money would go toward alleviating the impact on traffic and roads.
NJ wins money for parks, shoreline and more in federal budget bill NJ Spotlight News, 3/6/2024 - NJ TRANSIT is in line to get $1.6 million for a light transit project in Edison. The bill also contains funding for a slew of water projects for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to complete in the waters that bound New York and New Jersey, including $7 million to deepen the New York-New Jersey harbor channel, $13 million for “drift removal” in the harbor and $54.1 million to run the harbor.
After a 5-year delay, Route 23 bridge replacement has begun. Expect lane closures, 3/6/2024 - The tricky project to replace the bridge has shifted the traffic to the left to create a work zone on the right side of the bridge over the Pequannock River between Reservoir and Canistear roads. The right lane and shoulder is expected to remain closed through the summer, according to local officials. The closure will allow workers to demolish and rebuild the right side of the bridge in a staged reconstruction project.
Lawmakers eye higher gas taxes and registration fees for electric cars New Jersey Monitor, 3/6/2024 - New Jersey lawmakers are fast-tracking a bill that would raise New Jersey’s gas tax collections by roughly 18% over the next five years and create a new tax on electric vehicle registrations to fund road and bridge work in the state.
Commuters push back on NJ Transit fare increase, citing 'deplorable' conditions at hearing, 3/6/2024 - Though speakers were only allowed two minutes to share input, their unique experiences and complaints about riding NJ Transit’s buses, trains and light rail came back to the same theme: decades of under-investment and neglect of the system by state legislators and governors are having everyday impacts on New Jerseyans’ commutes.
You'll be hit with a new tax increase soon if N.J. leaders get their way, 3/5/2024 - New Jersey is poised to gradually increase its tax on gasoline by nearly 10 cents a gallon and charge a fee on electric vehicles over the next five years, under a new plan pushed by state leaders to keep state infrastructure funding from falling off a cliff. It would also impose a fee ranging from $250 to $290 a year on electric vehicles over that period.
Here’s why the potholes are expected to be really bad in N.J. this spring, 3/5/2024 - What’s a sign that spring is on the way in New Jersey? Forget the groundhog (is he ever correct) and the first robin. The sure sign is the appearance of state Department of Transportation crews on mass, repairing the potholes that winter has left behind.
NJ Transit needs to delay 15% fare hike, lawmakers demand, 3/5/2024 - Retired state Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg isn’t done with NJ Transit. She and state Assemblywoman Shama Haider, D-Bergen, said NJ Transit’s board of directors should delay an April vote on am 15% fare increase until more information is known about the business transit fee Gov. Phil Murphy proposed during last week’s budget message.
Gov. Murphy slams N.Y.C. $15 congestion pricing toll while offering to meet with N.Y. state leaders, 3/4/2024 - Gov. Phil Murphy on Monday criticized the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s plans to charge a $15 congestion pricing toll to enter Manhattan but offered to sit down at the table with New York officials to talk about the proposal.
Weigh in on NJ Transit 15% fare hike, looming deficits, corporate tax at public hearings Bergen Record, 3/4/2024 - There's plenty to weigh ahead of NJ Transit’s public hearings this week on the agency's plan to raise fares by 15% on July 1 — the agency's first fare hikes in nine years — followed by annual, indefinite increases of 3%.
Newark Public Schools to get electric school buses through federal grant of nearly $3 million, 3/4/2024 - Newark Public Schools is one of five New Jersey districts slated to receive electric buses through a federal grant from the Environmental Protection Agency.
A New Jersey city that limited street parking hasn’t had a traffic death in 7 years AP, 3/2/2024 - Street parking was already scarce in Hoboken, New Jersey, when the death of an elderly pedestrian spurred city leaders to remove even more spaces in a bid to end traffic fatalities.
This Is The Deadliest Road In Each NJ County, 2023 Data Shows Patch, 3/1/2024 - Among New Jersey's deadliest roads in 2023 were the New Jersey Turnpike, State Highway 1, and State Highway 40, data shows.
Murphy’s planned corporate transit tax to fund NJ Transit prompts praise and jeers NJ Monitor, 2/28/24 - Gov. Phil Murphy’s proposal to fund NJ Transit with a new business tax is drawing mixed reactions, with critics jeering it as a poorly veiled rebranding of New Jersey’s recently sunsetted corporate business tax surcharge and supporters welcoming a dedicated revenue stream for the troubled transit agency.
Expect delays as this busy Delaware River crossing undergoes repairs, 2/29/2024 - Work to rehabilitate the Interstate 78 highway segment between the highway’s Toll Bridge and the Phillipsburg/Alpha interchange is expected to begin this spring.
Tolls on these N.J. expressways increase Friday. Here’s how much more you’ll pay., 2/29/2024 - Drivers who use the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway will see their tolls increase by 3% Friday morning, the third increase in three years.
A consequential contract is approved to kick-start the Gateway rail tunnel project, 2/28/2024 - The Gateway Development Commission board approved an agreement with its project delivery partner Wednesday — awarding what is arguably one of the single most consequential contracts required to deliver the $16.1 billion Hudson River tunnels project.
Murphy unveils $56B N.J. budget with new tax to fund NJ Transit, property tax relief, big spending on pensions, schools, 2/27/2024 - Gov. Phil Murphy on Tuesday unveiled a proposed $55.9 billlion state budget that calls for a new tax on New Jersey’s largest corporations to help fund financially strapped NJ Transit, as well as continued money for several property tax relief programs, another payment for public-worker pensions, and a big increase for the state’s school aid formula.
To fix NJ Transit budget woes, Murphy proposes new corporate tax, 2/27/2024 - A plan to address NJ Transit's gloomy fiscal picture is the centerpiece of Gov. Phil Murphy's budget proposal for fiscal year 2025. A new “corporate transit fee” Murphy pitched in his budget speech Tuesday would levy a 2.5% charge on businesses that make more than $10 million in profit annually, and the revenue — estimated to start off at more than $800 million a year — would go to to NJ Transit.
Say goodbye to the sales tax break for buying electric vehicles in N.J., 2/27/2024 - Over the next three years, New Jersey will phase out a sales tax waiver for people buying new and used electric cars, state officials said alongside Gov. Phil Murphy's state budget address Tuesday.
Residents fight road extension that N.J. town says will revive a waterfront ‘wasteland’, 2/26/2024 - The Borough of Carteret has changed a lot over the past 20 years, cleaning up from an industrial past that left much of its waterfront along the Arthur Kill “a wasteland,” in the words of Mayor Daniel J. Reiman.
‘Ricardo The Bull’ Brings Home $10,000 For NJ Animal Rescue, 2/26/2024 - Ricardo, the longhorn steer that escaped a slaughterhouse in Newark, stopped trains, and then landed in the hospital for six weeks with a leg infection, has brought home the bucks.
NJ county launches own rideshare, offers free rides for 2 weeks, 2/26/2024 -Some New Jersey residents who need a local ride can get one for free until March 12. On Tuesday, Middlesex County is launching its RIDE On Demand service in an effort to address the county's transit gaps. But it's running in only one city for the time being.
New Jersey Program Will Electrify School Buses Across the State, 2/23/2024 - Love them or hate them, there are quite a few use cases in which an EV is the ideal vehicle. Public transportation, route deliveries, and school buses are great examples of vehicle types that would benefit from electrification, and New Jersey is putting money behind that thought to send electric school buses to 18 school districts.
'Sleeping giant': NJ Transit eyes affordable housing, sidewalks for Route 9 bus commuters, 2/23/2024 - Could the next round of affordable housing be built along Route 9 in Monmouth County? NJ Transit is looking into ways to transform Route 9 so that it is becomes a more commuter- and pedestrian-friendly corridor. The ideas, which vary from town to town, could include creating better pedestrian access to bus stops, filling vacant retail spaces with commuter-oriented stores and allowing for more housing along Route 9.
Feds deliver $19M for electric school buses in NJ NJ Spotlight News, 2/23/2024 -  The Biden administration is sending $19 million to some of New Jersey’s largest districts to put more electric school buses on the road. U.S. Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) on Thursday touted the funds going toward new busses in five districts: Union City, Elizabeth, Newark, Bloomfield and Lakewood. The grant was awarded to Van-Con, Inc., which serves those districts and will use the money to purchase 42 new electric school buses and 28 bus chargers.
Newly renovated PATH station opens today in Harrison News12 New Jersey, 2/21/2024 - A new station house in Harrison opens to the public today, replacing a nearly century-old structure. At its peak in 2019, 2.6 million customers used Harrison Station, according to PATH officials.
Public chimes in on planned replacement for Port Authority Bus Terminal NJ Spotlight News, 2/21/2024 - The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey on Tuesday held the only in-person public hearing about the project. It’s just one way the public can give feedback on the plan. The agency is accepting public comment until March 18.
Hoboken councilman takes to the streets as e-delivery rider, 2/20/2024 - Hoboken City Councilman Paul Presinzano is keeping true to a promise to try keep pedestrians safe from the surge of e-bikes that have been zipping up and down sidewalks of the city. His latest effort: Presinzano took a part-time job as an e-delivery rider with UberEats to understand challenges that delivery riders face.
Majority of N.J. residents not on board with state electric vehicle mandate, poll shows, 2/19/2024 - A new poll shows more than half of New Jersey residents say they probably won’t buy an electric car, despite a new Murphy administration rule requiring all new cars sold by 2035 to be electric.
E-bikes will have to be registered with the N.J. MVC under proposed law, 2/19/2024 - A bill that would require owners of low-speed electric bikes and scooters to register and insure them like cars is being sent back to its author for changes after concerns were expressed on Thursday from opponents ranging from insurance industry, to bike companies and advocates.
Vehicle been recalled? New bill will make it easier to find out, 2/19/2024 -Vehicle owners, especially those who bought one used, could have an extra way to learn if the manufacturer recalled the vehicle for a safety defect under a proposed bill that would require that information be included with the annual registration notice.
Remember NJ's retro blue license plates? There's a new effort to bring them back, 2/19/2024 - New Jersey's throwback blue license plates have the potential to end up back in circulation on vehicles around the state, just over two years since the idea was last considered by New Jersey legislators.
Hudson riverbed will be stabilized for new Gateway rail tunnel, 2/16/2024 - The Gateway Development Commission has authorized a $100 million contract to begin the first phase of ground stabilization work — the first "heavy construction" and underwater work — for the $16 billion Hudson River railroad tunnels project.
Hillsborough officials urge need for Somerset County warehouse traffic study, 2/15/2024, NJTPA Mention — The township is asking Somerset County to follow the lead of neighboring Middlesex County and conduct a regional study of truck and car traffic. 
Will one of Central Jersey's worst traffic bottlenecks finally be fixed?, 2/14/2024 - One of the busiest intersections and congested traffic bottlenecks in Central Jersey is being targeted for improvements. The state Department of Transportation has unveiled plans to upgrade the intersection of Route 22 and Route 202-206 in Bridgewater, though construction may not begin until the summer of 2028.
NJ Transit riders say Murphy needs to provide more state aid to beleaguered agency, 2/14/2024 - NJ Transit riders and advocates called on the agency board Tuesday night to stand up for riders and push the governor and Legislature for additional state aid and — to, at the very least — revise the proposal to increase fares.
As engineers threaten strike, NJ Transit's newest board member is a labor leader, 2/13/2024 - The NJ Transit board is gaining a labor leader with experience in the construction sector, says its newest member, Anthony Abrantes. Abrantes, who will join the board Tuesday for his first meeting, is the assistant executive secretary-treasurer for the Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters.
VR for snowplow drivers. Here’s what happened when we took the N.J. DOT’s simulator for a spin., 2/12/2024 - After about an hour of “driving” a snowplow, I was done. I’d plowed in daylight and night, and during a steady snow, in traffic on city streets, an interstate and a state highway. I was ready for Miller time.
Tweak bike delivery law before final passage | Jersey Journal editorial, 2/12/2024 - No one over the age of 5 should have to be told – and certainly not more than once – that you shouldn’t ride a bicycle on the sidewalk.
GDC commissioners: Hudson Tunnel Project ‘finally happening’, 2/12/2024 - After a long, documented history of doom and gloom, stops and starts, and being used as a political football, the Hudson Tunnel Project – set to build a second set of tubes connecting New Jersey and New York – now appears to be on track.

Replacement of bridge connecting Hackensack and Teaneck advances. What you should know, 2/9/2024 NJTPA MENTION
How will NJ Transit handle World Cup crowds?, 2/8/2024
NJ Transit says it is ready for World Cup fans, 2/7/2024
A new Amtrak Acela train is testing in N.J. Are the replacements for 20-year-old trains coming?, 1/20/24 (PAYWALL) -  A speedy new Amtrak Acela train was seen speeding along the Northeast Corridor line in New Jersey this week. Is that a sign the replacements for the 20-plus-year-old Acela fleet is coming soon? Sort of.
Improved Transportation to Atlantic City, NJ Has Been Approved, 1/19/24 - This is a very big deal. The Atlantic City, New Jersey destination resort has long been a drive market … with a desire to provide better access for those who arrive by air travel. 
The tiles that line the inside of the Holland Tunnel are gone. Here's where they went, 1/19/24 - The repair work occurs during overnight closures of one of the tubes six nights a week, from 11 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. Sundays to Thursdays and midnight to 9 a.m. on Fridays. 
Asbury Park wants to revive its popular e-scooter rental program this spring, 1/18/24 (PAYWALL) - Asbury Park is hoping to resume its e-scooter program after the company operating the popular rentals suspended its U.S.-based operations.
Drivers must move over for disabled vehicles on N.J. highways under new law, 1/17/24 (PAYWALL) - Gov. Phil Murphy signed an expansion of the state’s Move Over Law. The law originally required drivers to move over a lane only if police, first responders or tow truck drivers were on the scene of an incident.
New Brunswick's George Street may become a permanent pedestrian plaza, 1/17/24 - Could George Street between Bayard and Albany streets become a permanent pedestrian mall, offering outdoor dining, performances and festivals? One option calls for the conversion of George Street into a pedestrian mall that features year-round activity, possibly including outdoor ice skating.
Efforts to give NJ Transit board more teeth appear derailed, 1/17/24 - Prioritizing the customer experience is a focus of transit agencies around the country, including WMATA in Washington, MARTA in Atlanta and Sound Transit in Seattle — and no two agencies address the issue the same way.
Don't drive star-spangled hammered: US to ban funny highway signs The Guardian, 1/17/24 - Federal regulators say quirky signs such as ‘Hocus pocus, drive with focus’ can distract drivers and will be phased out by 2026.
N.J. adds to its federal lawsuit opposing a $15 fee to enter parts of Manhattan, 1/16/2024 (PAYWALL) - New Jersey filed new charges in its federal lawsuit against New York’s proposed $15 congestion pricing fee.
Say goodbye to N.J.’s funny traffic messages, 1/16/2024 (PAYWALL) - Enjoy those humorous safety messages on video signs on state highways while you can because the feds are making them go away.
Hillsborough mayor vows to keep residents updated on Route 206 project, 1/16/24 - Mayor Robert Britting said township officials will meet next month with state Department of Transportation representatives to get an update on the project that has been delayed since the state fired Konkus Co., the contractor on the widening project, in spring of 2023.
Murphy suit says NYC congestion pricing discriminates against NJ drivers, 1/16/2024 - The Murphy administration has asked to update its lawsuit over the New York congestion pricing plan with new arguments that the tolls are discriminatory against New Jersey drivers.
Hillsborough mayor vows to keep residents updated on Route 206 project, 1/16/24 - Mayor Robert Britting said township officials will meet next month with state Department of Transportation representatives to get an update on the project that has been delayed since the state fired Konkus Co., the contractor on the widening project, in spring of 2023.
How did Newark Airport’s new terminal A observe its birthday? By shattering records., 1/14/2024 (PAYWALL) - A year ago, Port Authority officials opened Newark Airport’s new $2.7 billion Terminal A to travelers, which had been pushed back from a planned December opening.
Sorry commuters, there's still more work to be done on the Pulaski Skyway, 1/12/24 (PAYWALL) -  In 2015, when the old road and bridge deck was peeled off the Pulaski Skyway, state officials realized the bridge had deteriorated more than expected, and that meant more work at a higher price tag.
Electric school buses, EV charging stations in NJ get funding boost NJ Spotlight News, 1/12/24 - A range of state and federal initiatives totaling approximately $44 million has been allocated, with the bulk to be used to purchase electric school buses.
New Jersey officials report significant decrease in fatal crashes in 2023 WHYY, 1/12/24 -- Two-thirds of the state saw a decline in traffic fatalities. Middlesex County had the highest margin.
Here’s how much longer NJ Transit’s oldest rail cars will remain in use, 1/11/24 (PAYWALL) - NJ Transit’s first replacements for the venerable 44-year-old Arrow III electric rail cars are expected to be delivered this year, but they have to pass tests before passengers get to ride them.
Hefty fine for vehicles in bike lanes is approved by Jersey City council, 1/11/2024 (PAYWALL) -  Jermaine Woodward Sr.’s 8-year-old son was in a bike lane on Bostwick Avenue in 2015 when he was struck and killed by a driver speeding down the block.
These 2 bills will impact drivers in N.J. if Gov. Murphy signs them into law, 1/10/2024 (PAYWALL) - Drivers with vehicles that break down on New Jersey highways and toll agencies that lost $117 million to toll evaders both got help from the state lawmakers Monday.
Middlesex County Commissioner Charles Kenny elected First Vice Chair of North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority NJTPA Mention, 1/10/2024 - Middlesex County Commissioner Charles Kenny has been elected First Vice Chair of the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA), helping to continue to fuel robust economic growth through developments in transportation infrastructure.
Student drivers in N.J. will need to log more practice hours under new law, 1/9/2024 (PAYWALL) - A requirement for New Jersey student drivers to log a minimum of 50 hours practice driving time with an adult was signed into law by Gov. Phil Murphy Monday.
NJ bill to reduce roadway fatalities pulled amid criticism over last-minute amendments, 1/9/2024 - The bill, which has been in the works since late 2022, would have created a “Target Zero” commission to “help achieve the goal of eliminating traffic fatalities and serious injuries.”
No, it’s not an abandoned overpass. The story behind N.J.’s wildlife bridges., 1/8/2024 (PAYWALL) - This isn’t your typical overpass. There are two stretches of road spanning across I-78 in Union County that, to anyone driving under them, may look overgrown and abandoned.
Have more than $500 in unpaid tolls? NJ bill could provide chance to arbitrate, 1/8/2024 - A bill to give the New Jersey Department of Transportation more involvement in toll enforcement is making its way through the tail end of the Legislature's lame duck session and is expected to be up for a vote Monday.
Morris County Commissioner Stephen Shaw Elected Secretary of NJTPA, 1/8/2024 - Morris County Commissioner Stephen H. Shaw was elected Secretary of the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA) Board of Trustees at the January 8 meeting.
Fewer people died on N.J. roads in 2023, though one group remains at greater risk, 1/6/2024 (PAYWALL) - New Jersey extended a safety streak by finishing 2023 with fewer traffic deaths than the previous year, for a second straight year — though one group of road users remains particularly at risk.
NJ towns booming with development in 2024 NJTPA Mention, 1/5/2024 - In coming years, Hamilton Street from Main Street to Second Street will become a pedestrian plaza. Bound Brook received a $1 million federal grant administered by the New Jersey Department of Transportation in partnership with the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority to undertake the project.
Asbury Park left standing with scooters, seeks new company to take over dead service, 1/4/2024 - The city is in the process of finding a new e-scooter partner since owner Superpedestrian ceased all operations in Asbury Park and within the United States due to financial reasons.
Hoboken and Jersey City cyclists beware: Citi Bike raising prices again The Jersey Journal, 1/4/2024 (PAYWALL) - Hoboken and Jersey City cyclists beware: Citi Bike raising prices again
Gateway CEO reflects on 2023 milestones, turns to 2024 goals,1/3/2024 - “2023 was a vitally important year for the Hudson Tunnel Project (HTP),” Gateway Development Commission CEO Kris Kolluri wrote on Dec. 27 in his end-of-year note to GDC commissioners, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy and New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, and Amtrak leaders. 
U.S. flight cancellations in 2023 were at their lowest in a decade, 1/3/2024 (PAYWALL) - While travelers experienced some turbulence with an air travel meltdown in late June and early July, 2023 had the lowest number of canceled flights in a decade, federal officials said.
New Year brings new toll hikes on these major N.J. bridges, tunnels, highways, 1/2/2024 (PAYWALL) - The 2024 list of toll increases for New Jersey has two notable exceptions, at least for now.
NJ suburb turned into transit hub where migrants switch from buses to trains to thwart NYC crackdown, 1/1/2024 - Busloads of asylum seekers headed for the Big Apple are thwarting Mayor Eric Adams’ crackdown on arrivals by being dropped off in New Jersey and jumping on a train to reach their “final destination”...