A selection of recent videos highlighting NJTPA meetings, speeches, presentations and more. For additional videos, including archival files, see the NJTPA's YouTube channel.

The NJTPA recently completed the 2050 Freight Industry Level Forecasts Study, which provides a regionwide forecast as well as individual forecasts for each of the NJTPA’s 15 member subregions. These forecasts provide information on current and projected freight demand over the next 30 years and will help inform the NJTPA’s Long Range Transportation Plan update. All of the profiles are available at http://njtpa.org/2050FreightForecasts

Project websites, virtual meetings, online mapping tools and surveys are just a few of the ways we're working to engage the public during the COVID-19 pandemic. We've compiled some best practices from state departments of transportation and other metropolitan planning organizations around the country. Check them out at http://www.njtpa.org/PEP

Morris County Freeholder Kathryn DeFillippo was elected chair of the NJTPA Board of Trustees in January. At the Board's March Board meeting, she highlighted her priorities for her two-year term. This video summarizes her goals.

The NJTPA Board of Trustees honored outgoing Chair Angel Estrada, a Union County Freeholder, during its January 13, 2020 reorganization meeting. Freeholder Estrada became to first Latino to serve as Chair of the NJTPA Board of Trustees when he was elected in January 2018. He first joined the Board in 2012 and served as an alternate before that. He served as Chair of the NJTPA's Project Prioritization Committee from 2016-2018 and served as Chair of the Planning and Economic Development Committee in 2014.

Dr. Benjamin Strauss, CEO and Chief Scientist of Climate Central, gave a presentation to the NJTPA Board of Trustees on November 12, 2019, about climate change and its impact on transportation in northern New Jersey, as part of the Board's ongoing Planning for 2050 series.

In the fourth installment of our One Cool Thing video blog we talk about Performance Measures.

The Dec. 5, 2018 Together North Jersey workshop focused on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), which uses urban and environmental design to deter crime.

Remarks by Union County Freeholder Angel Estrada on being elected NJTPA Chair, Jan. 22, 2018

In the third installment of our One Cool Thing video blog we talk about the recently completed Morris Canal Greenway Corridor Study.

Plan 2045: Connecting North Jersey is the NJTPA's Regional Transportation Plan and our vision for the region's future.

New Department of Transportation Commissioner Diane Guitierrez-Scacceti speaks at an Innovation Summit hosted by NJTPA, NJIT and WTS-Greater New York on August 22, 2018.

In the second installment of our One Cool Thing video blog we talk about our Local Safety Program.

We all have places to go, people to see and things to do but when travelling it pays to be Street Smart.

One Cool Thing Video Blog on Alternative Fuel Vehicle planning

The NJTPA Board of Trustees honored outgoing Chair Peter Palmer, a former Somerset County Freeholder, during its January 22, 2018 reorganization meeting. Palmer first joined the Board in 1999 and served as Chair from 2004-2005 and 2016-2017.

Highlights of the report "2017 The Economic Impact of the New York-New Jersey Port Industry" which was released on October 26, 2017 and prepared by the New York Shipping Association in cooperation with the NJTPA and the Port Authority of NY and NJ.

The NJTPA conducted extensive public outreach to gather input for our long-range plan, Plan 2045: Connecting North Jersey, which will provide a vision for the region's future. To learn more about our Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) visit njtpa.org/Plan2045

The NJTPA's Local Safety Program marked a major milestone — 100 projects — at the May 8, 2017 NJTPA Board of Trustees Meeting. This video also includes information about the NJTPA's pedestrian safety initiative, Street Smart NJ.

An online survey to gather public input for the update of the NJTPA's long range transportation plan, Plan 2045:Connecting North Jersey. Take the survey at www.plan2045survey.org

The NJTPA is in the process of updating its long range transportation plan. Plan 2045: Connecting North Jersey, will provide a vision for the future of the NJTPA's 13-county region. The Plan is required for the region to obtain and spend federal transportation funding. To learn more visit http://njtpa.org/Plan2045

The North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority Board of Trustees recognized the nearly 40 communities that have participated in its Street Smart NJ pedestrian safety campaign and honored three people with Local Champion Awards for supporting the effort.

Street Smart NJ is a public education, awareness and behavioral change pedestrian safety campaign first piloted in 2013 by five New Jersey municipalities. The program has been expanded to 12 partner communities in 2016. Visit bestreetsmartnj.org to learn more

Learn more about the innovative regional planning effort to create a more competitive, efficient, livable and resilient Northern New Jersey.

The historic Morris Canal right of way is being repurposed as a public greenway, creating new opportunities for recreation, tourism, education and economic growth. For more information on this effort, visit the Morris Canal Working Group website at http://www.morriscanalgreenway.org.

Hudson County Executive Thomas DeGise, chairman of the NJTPA Board of Trustees, speaks about the success of the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail and the need to expand the system.

Hudson County Executive and NJTPA Chairman Thomas DeGise discusses the success of a multi-agency plan to mitigate travel issues stemming from the Pulaski Skyway rehabilitation project. From the 11/10/14 NJTPA Board of Trustees meeting in Newark.

Hudson County Executive and NJTPA Chair Thomas DeGise announces the approval of 22 projects that will receive federal funding through the Local Safety and High Risk Rural Roads programs. From the 9/8/14 NJTPA Board of Trustees meeting.

NJDOT Commissioner Jamie Fox addressed the NJTPA Board on January 12, calling for a fix to provide adequate transportation funding

NJTPA Chairman DeGise comments Jan. 12 on the importance of new Local Concept Development studies being approved by the NJTPA Board.

The Street Smart NJ pedestrian safety pilot program kicked off in Long Beach Island on June 18 with a live demonstration of the potentially lethal effects of speeding involving a moving car and a dummy. At 25 mph, the vehicle stops in time. At 40 mph, the car slams into the model with devastating force.

An introduction to the work and mission of the NJTPA, the metropolitan planning organization for the 13-county northern and central New Jersey region.

The NJTPA's DO-IT workshops (Developing Opportunities for Innovation in Transportation) offer a great opportunity for public sector and private partners to exchange their experience and expertise in communications technology-based solutions for transportation. For more about DO-IT, visit www.njtpa.org/DO-IT

The Street Smart pedestrian safety education campaign recently kicked off at pilot sites throughout northern New Jersey. The collaborative effort between public, private and non-profit organizations, urges motorists and pedestrians to "check your vital signs" to improve your safety on the road.

An expert panel discussed Positive Train Control at the August 19, 2013 meeting of the NJTPA Freight Initiatives Committee, Chaired by Peter Palmer, Freeholder Somerset County. An introductory video from the meeting and video of the Q & A session are available here.