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Regional Active Transportation Plan

    Recognizing the importance of active transportation options such as walking and biking, the NJTPA developed a Regional Active Transportation Plan (ATP) for its 13-county northern and central New Jersey region. While conceptual, the ATP provides a blueprint to create a safe, comfortable, and connected network for walking and biking across the region.

    The ATP identifies a network of potential on- and off-road routes that connect existing trails and destinations such as downtowns and parks. The network was created through public and stakeholder outreach as well as analysis of data. It establishes a common framework for all jurisdictions—municipal, county, and state—to refer to when creating active transportation facilities. You can click on a county on the map below to access county-by-county assessments and recommendations.

    Ongoing Support for Implementation: The NJTPA will support ATP implementation by providing an interactive mapping tool and sharing ATP data. These resources can help state, county and municipal partners further explore active transportation needs and select or prioritize implementation efforts that align with the regional network. The NJTPA will also continue providing a range of technical assistance programs to support counties and municipalities in advancing regional active transportation priorities—whether through assisting with short term demonstration projects, funding related planning studies, or delivering long term capital improvement projects.

    Executive Summary
    Full Report
    Technical Supporting Memos
    Trip Potential Analysis
    Barrier Analysis
    Equity and High Crash Network Screening Analyses
    Public Engagement Summary
    Regional Active Transportation Network Recommendations
    Strategy Guide
    Case Studies: Parish Drive in Wayne and Main Street in Stanhope/Netcong
    Case Study: Active Transportation Facility Design at Highway Interchanges

    Regional Active Transportation Network
    Click on a county on the map to access county-by-county assessments and recommendations.

    Presentation on the Active Transportation Plan