Transit Hub Planning Program

City of Perth Amboy - 2023

Goal: Create a transit hub area plan encompassing a half-mile radius from the Perth Amboy Train Station that will recommend strategies and approaches to increase safety, accessibility, equity, and active transportation for residents and transit-oriented, community-supported design, land use and adaptive redevelopment of buildings, land areas and public spaces.
Example Image from Perth Amboy Transit Plan, 2023Objectives:
  • Review existing planning documents to identify and recommend actionable improvements.
  • Engage the community to identify land use preferences and priorities.
  • Retain and embellish arts, cultural, and historical spaces and aesthetics.
  • Improve walkable connections to the waterfront and central business district.
  • Embrace Transit Friendly Planning design strategies.
  • Community engagement and results analysis complete.
  • Plan reviews and actionable strategy identifications in progress.
  • Product development underway.