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Positive Train Control - August 19, 2013

efc21754-d85e-4f9a-9506-3528e5aaada4An expert panel discussed Positive train Control at the August 19, 2013 meeting of the NJTPA Freight Initiatives Committee, Chaired by Peter Palmer, Freeholder Somerset County. Railroads have been mandated to implement positive train control which uses technology to automatically stop or slow a train to prevent train-to-train collisions, speed-related derailments and other accidents.


 Committee Chairman and Freeholder Somerset County
Brief Presentations 
Lawrence Warren, Regional PTC Specialist, Federal Railroad Administration; William Goetz, Resident Vice President for NYC, New Jersey and Philadelphia, CSX; Paul Stangas, Director Systems Engineering and Design, NJ Transit; Rick Crawford, Director, Public Private Projects, Norfolk Southern; and Carl Belke President and COO, WNY&PRR