Land Use Model

sphere graphic The Small Area Land Use Impact Tool is a computer model developed by the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA) and Placeways LLC for analyzing and visualizing the anticipated impacts of changes to local land use. The model estimates impacts of alternative scenarios using measures important to local communities and to the northern New Jersey region as a whole.

Small Area Land Use Impact Tool analyzes transportation, economic, environmental and infrastructure impacts from land use changes through maps and charts using data from the census and a variety of regional data sources.

SALUIT screen capture showing map of land use and charts of various indicatorsWho is the Small Area Land Use Impact Tool for and who might gain from using it?

  • county and local government officials

  • county and local planning departments

  • commercial/residential real estate developers

  • brokers working with local governments

  • GIS professionals and local business improvement district professionals

The results of the tool analyses can be used to inform decision makers considering land use changes and in local economic development efforts.

SALUIT screen capture showing map of distance to a train station and charts of various transit access indicatorsThe Small Area Land Use Impact Tool works as an add-in to ArcGIS® Desktop and adds to the capabilities of the ArcGIS extension CommunityViz® Scenario 360™. It requires working knowledge of ArcGIS.

Software Requirements:

  • ArcGIS 10.2 or higher

  • CommunityViz 5.0

During December 2015, NJTPA hosted training sessions on the tool. Training materials can be downloaded here.

To find more about the Small Area Land Use Impact Tool and how it can benefit you, watch the overview video, or contact Brian Fineman at NJTPA, 973-639-8408.