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Anticipated RFPs

RFPs for the following projects are anticipated to be released for our current UPWP. Please note, all release dates are tentative and are subject to change. Quarterly release dates are scheduled in accordance with the State fiscal year beginning July 1st, and are defined as follows:

  • FY 1st Quarter:  July 1st to September 30th
  • FY 2nd Quarter:  October 1st to December 31st 
  • FY 3rd Quarter:  January 1st to March 31st
  • FY 4th Quarter: April 1st to June 30th
NJTPA UPWP Consultant Services


Tentative Advertisement Date by FY Quarter

Actual RFP Release Date
FY 2025 UPWP Consultant Services    
SP205.001.25: FY 2025 Air Quality Conformity Determination and Regional Emissions Modeling 4Q24  
SP207.002.25: Traffic Signal Strategic Investment Plan & Data Collection 4Q24  
RP301.001.25: Financial Element of the Long Range Transportation Plan 3Q24 3/20/2024
RP307.005.25: FY 2025 Complete Streets Conceptualization Pilot  1Q25  
FP401.001.25: FY 2025 Freight Concept Development Studies 4Q24  
LP602.003.25: Safety Assessments and Pedestrian Count Update  1Q25  
FY 2024 UPWP Consultant Services    
24/203-01: Accessibility and Mobility Regional Reassessment 1Q24 10/11/2023
24/303-01: Local Safety Action Plans 4Q23 5/31/2023
24/401-01: 2050 Freight Industry Level Forecasts Update 4Q23 6/14/2023
24/501-01: Criteria Development and Project Scoring Update 2Q24 2/28/2024
24/602-01: FY 2024 Consultant Assistance with LSP - Studies and Analyses 4Q23 5/10/2023
24/701-01: Long Range Transportation Plan Public Outreach 2Q24 3/27/2024
24/602-01: FY 2024 Local Safety Engineering Assistance Program 4Q23 8/02/2023
FY 2023 UPWP Consultant Services    
23/201-01: RCIS Refinement and Strategy Effectiveness 1Q23 2/1/2023
23/205-01: FY 2023 Air Quality Conformity Analysis and GHG Inventory 4Q22 5/11/2022
23/307-01: FY 2023 Planning for Emerging Centers 1Q23 10/26/2022
23/601-01: FY 2023 Local Concept Development Studies (Ocean and Monmouth Counties) 2Q23 10/26/2022
23/601-01:FY 2023 Local Concept Development Studies (Morris and Somerset Counties) 2Q23 1/18/2023
23/802-01: FY 2023 UPWP Management System Support 4Q22 4/13/2022
FY 2022 UPWP Consultant Services    
Travel Demand Model Validation 4Q21 5/26/2021
Next Generation PRIME Development 1Q22 8/25/2021
Regional Active Transportation Plan 1Q22 9/22/2021
Freight Rail Grade Crossing Assessment Update 4Q21 6/16/2021